Dear citizens,

The time has come to barricade your doors, lock your windows, seal the basement and pray the dreaded creatures of the Underworld stay away. Yet for the braver ones, willing to venture into the battlefield or compete in our contests during the foggy Halloween nights, we have prepared a real treat.

Those of age similar to vampires have little use for the Bazooka parts that are normally found on the battlefield. It was probably due to them that the Halloween bats stole several unwanted Bazookas and carried them into the deep caves of the Underworld. Little is known about what the bats did to them. What is certain is that they turned them into something much more powerful: the Batzooka.

The Batzooka is a very dangerous weapon, as it draws its power from the Strength of the warrior who wields it. When the fighter is strong enough, it will help him deal more damage than a Quality 7 weapon! The Batzooka will inflict more pain and horror depending on the Division of each player:

  • 10% more Damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 1
  • 20% more Damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 2
  • 30% more Damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 3
  • 40% more Damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 4

No matter what happens, the Halloween bats have promised that the Batzooka will never deal less than 10,000 damage per hit. Why this happens, we do not know for sure. We believe that the Batzooka takes control of the mind and bodies of weaker fighters, but it’s up to you to dare to use one and find out what happens.

If you do become possessed by this weapon and feel the insatiable urge to use it from dusk till dawn, the bats will randomly drop parts of it on the battlefield. A dense swarm of bats has also descended on our Weekly Challenge, covered it with their wings and then revealed a Halloween Challenge. Even more Batzookas will be given to those who complete it.

Start collecting Batzooka parts this Tuesday, Day 2170! The bats will stop dropping cursed Batzooka parts after Day 2175. The final day to use your Batzookas is Day 2179.

The Community Contests

For our citizens who enjoy dark stories of frightening monsters, we will host 2 special contests during Halloween. They will not be based on hits, damage, or Prestige Points, but on your creativity. Participate now on our Forum and win amazing prizes!

The interview with Clopoyaur is the first in the series. We plan to do more of them and give players a chance to tell their stories for the whole community.

Tell us a bit about your eRepublik character: when did you start playing, what is your Military Unit, what are the achievements in game you are most proud of.

I play eRepublik for more than 5 years now under the name of Clopoyaur, proudly leading FSR (Fortele Speciale Romane), one of the top10 MUs of the world for more than 3 years. In real life I am a 34 years old guy from Maramures, Romania but living in Bucharest for the moment. My nickname comes from the hat people are wearing in my region, a small hat that is called “clop”.

I don’t remember how I started the game, I just know that I registered and started to work and train telling myself that this game has potential, but I don’t want/have time to explore it for the moment. After one year of playing the game passively, I found myself in the position of really doing something in the game or quitting. I had like 80 gold gathered in 2-click mode and made myself a q1 weapon factory. Game started to become interesting and I decided to learn different things. Still, after 3 months, I ended up with no more money and a huge stock of q1 weapons. A huge war started then (Operation Marmara) and all my weapons were sold for triple the production price. That is how I started to open up my options, explore more economics, become good in combat, meet new people, form then a military unit.

Since I am among the so called “dinosaurs” in this game, I made almost everything the game allowed me to do, very few little things remained unexplored. However, if I have to pick only a few of the achievements, I would still have a long list, so here it is:

– Becoming leader of FSR 2 months after I joined the MU and then transforming FSR from a usual MU in one of the most known and powerful in eRepublik universe

– Leading South Korea for 4 months and learning the game mechanics perfectly, transforming at

that time a small nation into an Asian power

Becoming president of Romanian and mobilizing the Romanian Army and allies to a perfect

campaign leaving without congress simultaneously Hungary and Serbia (at that time enemies) in

February 2012

– Making the first video stream about eRepublik – – and attracting as

many players as possible to play and learn the Guerrilla module.

– Managing to get from God of War*** to Titan in 10 days during the Epic Warfare event without

spending RL money, proving that eRepublik is not a “pay per win” game.

– Holding the world record for most victories in Guerrilla fights in one day (129) and for 1 week

(574). Also being the first player to break the 500 victories barrier in 7 days.

– Finding along the way absolutely amazing people whom I met in RL also.

How did you come up with the idea of creating an online broadcast?

I worked in the media in the past as sports journalist and I always liked the idea of broadcasting

something. I was watching people broadcast games for a lot of time and when the Guerrilla module was introduced in the game I saw an opportunity. Playing the game I like and sharing my experience and feelings about the game with the viewers was a temptation I could not resist. This is how Clopoyaur TV ( appeared. My first show hit the lights on April 16th with an attendance of over 50 people. I was absolutely exhausted after 4 hours of live streaming eRepublik, but absolutely amazed by the people reaction. I continued to improve my skills, I learned what people want to see, I interacted with them making the game more interesting and more enjoyable for me and my viewers.

I consider a great achievement for me when I receive messages after the show from people telling me that they started to play Guerrilla after watching me, or started to win matches once they followed my advices. Some people like the show for the music, some for my accent, some for the giveaways, some for finding the news about the latest game updates. As long as I make people happy, my mission is a success.

How do you manage to find content for each show? Do you have a special recipe you can share with your viewers?

At the first glance, you wouldn’t say that someone can talk 4-5 hours each night about eRepublik,

because the content the game is offering is not that big. Still, is happening because eRepublik is not a solo game, is a game that needs interaction badly. On Clopoyaur TV people interact directly to a player like them and they can see a different opinion, they can ask questions that are fast answered. I don’t just play the game, I talk a lot with my viewers, I offer them all my attention and this is why after one visit they keep returning. I am explaining what I am doing and seeing this, my viewers try to apply and improve their citizens also. In the last 5 months I learned that people enjoy being part of the show, they like entertainment therefore I offer them a lot content:

Giveaways – where they can win gold, cc, weapons – all the players enter into the guerrilla battle in the same moment, having a higher chance to meet each other in direct fight and then showing the result with a printscreen, commenting the result in the chat, or even fighting me live on the stream.

Analyses – each time an event occurs or something interesting for a debate arise. Games like “The Pyramid” where people can win progressive huge prizes or “The Duel” where two lucky players picked randomly from the ones in the stream must win as many Guerrilla fights as possible in 15 minutes. Guerrilla Challenge – a series of guerrilla contest for individuals, military units and even international, everything done with specific rules, referees and scores. Just imagine 15 teams representing 15 military units composed each from 5 players entering in the battles in the same moment, trying to snatch the win and score for their MU. Also, people in the audience are cheering them or hunting the players from the opposite MU. It’s crazy!

The secret recipe: having fun! As long as I make the game fun enough to entertain me and make me feel good, it is enjoyable to my viewers also. In the end, that is the purpose of eRepublik, right?

What are your plans for your following shows?

I want to continue to enjoy myself doing this and together with me, the viewers. I gradually plan to increase the number of people watching me by adding new content, new challenges and new things to do. Finding what my viewers want to see is essential, therefore much of my future content will be dictated by their desires.

I want to continue the guerrilla contests as this attracts the most players. So far, this is a competition they can find exclusively only on Clopoyaur TV.

I want to also attract more people speaking different languages than Romanian as now 80-90% of the people following me are from Romania. “This is happening only on Clopoyaur TV” has become a brand name; there is always something amazing, surprising and unbelievable happening every night, so being spontaneous is also very important. Flocosenia, the mascot of the show is telling me not to reveal more secrets… so you will have to drop by and see what is going on.

Are you planning to go international?

I speak English fluently and whenever I see something written in English in the chat, I switch to English mode in order for everybody to understand me. Still, I plan to go international, but I will do it gradually. I am just starting today a series of Youtube movies “Clopoyaur Guerrilla Strategies” in 7 episodes in English. I will try to have those subtitled in as many languages as possible. In this way I hope more people from “international” will join my channel. Also, in the past I organized a Guerrilla Match between Romania and Hungary that was extremely interesting and was appreciated by both sides (even if enemies in eRepublik).

We also had girls match between “guerrilla cats” from Romania and Republic of Moldova. I plan on involving other nations too in such competitions as they are unique and can be found only on my stream.

How did you manage to put the spotlight on the game on

It was a long road. When you go LIVE on to broadcast something, you must choose the game you are playing. When I started, eRepublik was not in that list and wasn’t added at my first request because the administrators didn’t know the game or considered the viewers would be too few. I took this as a challenge, I have built my viewership, I managed to hit peaks of over 150 viewers simultaneously and gather over 600 followers and 36.000 views over the past 5 months. I had to prove them the contrary and succeeded. I hope more people will join now and have eRepublik streams.

What’s your vision of a perfect eRepublik society?

Nothing is perfect and the perfect eRepublik society doesn’t exist, not even in a game. eRepublik is driven by people. Their feelings about the game are reflected in the actions they take. The perfect society for me would mean a game in which me, as a player, will have to focus exclusively to how to play the game, how to maximize my skills and efficiency not how to avoid the “headless chicken” or wondering when the X thing will work properly. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to play your favorite game in the key moments. This leads to frustration, nerves that are than reflected in the media, in the politics, leading to conflicts, insults and so on. eRepublik society can be perfect by the contribution of each of its citizens, because every citizen adds something to the game. There are no standards; the imperfection of each individual creates the diversity of a great society.

What would you say to a friend if you would want to invite him in eRepublik?

Honestly, I haven’t told this in the last 2 years to anyone because I was kinda disappointed by the

way eRepublik was working. Still, I see some improvements lately and if I really have to do it, I would invite my friend to the game to meet new people, because eRepublik is a fantastic community. I would invite him for the idea of having a second life and being able to be more important for his country than in real life.

What’s your best memory related to the eRepublik world?

It happened 2 years ago when the people from my military unit, FSR, came from all over the

country, some of them driving over 700 km to meet each other in Bucharest. It was the first annual meeting of FSR and I had the chance to meet the faces behind their nicknames and talk like we knew each other forever. That was the best feeling I ever had about the game: uniting different people, from different places, with different views.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Any particular message for the eRepublik Team?

Thank you for granting me the honor to be your guest in this interview. As a player I want the game to run perfectly, without bugs and undisturbed by the “Headless Chicken”. I want to be happy every time I login and log out from the game. I want my Guerrilla fights not to crash when server is loaded, I want my battles to have meaning, I want my friends that just entered division 4th to have a goal, I want answers to my tickets faster and better. I could want many things, but in the end, everything can be resumed to 6 words “Give me the eRepublik I love”. If you still can do that, eRepublik will be a great game.

At the beginning of the National Shield Tournament we have announced that the top 50 players from every country will receive a personalized badge to go on their profile. The top 3 players will receive badges showing their standing on the podium. You will have to wait until the end of the competition to know who will get them, but you won’t have to wait a second longer to see how they will look like. Our art team agreed to let everyone get a preview of the new badges:

If you’re among the top 50, these shiny shield badges will go on your profile page in a dedicated section underneath the current achievements. They will also be engraved with a tooltip to remind everyone for eternity just how cool you were to win the National Shields competition. It’s always good to have a reminder about the top moments of your e-life, so our art team will do their best to create such badges for future tournaments as well.

There’s still one day left until the end of the competition, so keep ranking up those percentages and you might just end up having one of the shields on your profile!

The ones among us who qualify as “dinosaurs” might remember that eRepublik used to have a forum. Social interaction always played a big part in eRepublik, and the forum was a pretty cool place to talk and debate with other members of the community. With this in mind, we are glad to invite everyone to try out the new eRepublik Forum!

We hope the new forum will be equally useful for the new players who want to ask for help and the old ones who want to have more in-depth conversations about the game. Either way, please read and follow the forum rules – it’s up to everyone to make it a pleasant place to be.

You can find the forum under “Community” in the eRepublik menu or by going to . We hope to see you there!

The 2nd Military Units Tournament has ended after one week of intense competition. Military Units that wanted to catch a place in the Top 50 had to deal an average of more than 1 billion damage per day, which requires a lot of dedication and competitive spirit. As for the best of the best, the Top 3 units, they are:

Sons of Alexander the Great – Greece – 38.9 billion damage

HV – Croatia – 30.7 billion damage

Nacionalna Garda – Serbia – 26.4 billion damage

Last tournament’s winner, Macedonian Army came just one place short of the podium, but missing more than 6 billion damage in order to reach the 3rd place. Nevertheless they were worthy fighters, like all the participants of the tournament, to whom we extend sincere congratulations. The Top 50 Military Units also received a hefty prize in currency, which can be used with the Combat Orders, the new feature that was released during the tournament.

We would also like to use this opportunity to announce that along with the Combat Orders, which allow Military Units to pay soldiers for damage, we also released several improvements to the way Military Units work. We won’t expand the subject here, but those who are interested can read about the tweaks in the Latest Updates:

Thanks to all the fighters and the Military Units who were involved in this competition. Regardless of their final position in the rankings, we hope that it was as fun to take part in the tournament as it was for us to create it!

The last Military Units Tournament was won by the Macedonian Army, the Bulgarian Civilian Corps and by the Serbian Military Unit S.O.S. The passion shown by fighters and military commanders to win this tournament couldn’t have been at higher levels. We find this to be truly inspiring, as it’s events like this that show what eRepublik is really about: healthy competition, team play, and a lot of dedication.

These being said, we have decided to interview the commanders of those military units and present you guys with the post-tournament opinions.

Macedonian Army

Commander: akconel

Q: How did you feel when you saw that your Military Unit won the first place?

A: That’s a feeling that can’t be described with words, you need to feel it. We united all our players in one military unit. That was a picture that I will never forget, all Macedonians were fighting like one and we still do the same.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your Military Unit.

A: I live in Struga, studying informatics and I like cycling and playing basketball.

Only the Country President can be commander of this Military Unit and that’s how I became the commander. In our army there are approximately 1.400 soldiers.

Motto: Macedonia timeless

Q: Do you think you will manage to win the next edition of the Military Unit Tournament?

A: No, cause I told you, only the Country President is leading this Military Unit.

Q:What improvements would you propose for the next Military Unit Tournament?

A: If I’m the leader in the next tournament I will ask for more and more players to join this unit because together we stand divided we fall and like we are wiped now we are like a little country, we have DO and soldiers fighting like we have campaign of the day and the damage is in the right place.

Bulgarian Civilian Corps

Commander: windfall

Q: How did you feel when you saw that your Military Unit won the second place?

A: Actually, at first, we wanted to take the 1st place because we misunderstood your memo with the winning prizes. After a few tickets, we got the info that the first Military Unit won’t take as many energy bars as we at first thought. Thus, we decided to split our members into other Military Units so we can get as many Military Units as possible in top 50. Also we knew we had no chance for the 1st place so our goal was remaining in top 3. We did really good 🙂

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your Military Unit.

A: As you can see by its name, this Military Unit is a civil one. Commanders are usually Country Presidents or their Ministers of Defense and they get changed every month. This month I am its commander as I am the current MoD of Bulgaria. We have lots of members in it because it has the lowest requirements (rank private) so the newcomers can join us and get their Daily Order rewards easily. However, I must mention that quite many big Bulgarian Military Units merged into the civil one so we can have higher chances for the bigger rewards.

Q: Do you think you will manage to win the next edition of the Military Unit Tournament?

A: Well, it all depends when the next edition of the Military Unit Tournament will be. It’s summer here and a huge percentage of our active players are going on vacation so we won’t have many fighters till the autumn. If the timing frame fits us, I think we can have a really good chance for the first place. Unfortunately, to be honest, the main reason for our high chances is you, mainly because of your banner who made lots of Macedonians leave the game or stop tanking.

Q: What improvements would you propose for the next Military Unit Tournament?

A: I would suggest you to divide the damage one Military Unit does into four divisions. Thus we can compete on four fronts and each front can gain different amount of rewards.


Commander: Fandarey

Q: How did you feel when you saw that your Military Unit won the third place?

A: Well it was a nice feeling, maybe 3 hours before tournament deadline we were behind Polish Civil Army for about 400 or 500 million damage or more. With already prepared plan to wake up our Army in 08:00 on last day we’ve managed to make 1.5 billions damage (without tanking) from 08:00 till 08:45 and pass their entire nation x) So it was pretty exciting x)

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your Military Unit.

A: Our Army was founded on 05.10.2012, we are all Serbians mainly, SOS(or on English, Serbian Armed Forces – SAF) Army is made from 5 Military Units: Elita, Panteri, Jurisnici, Kobre and Skorpioni. We are all ex Serbian state army, now mercenaries. With almost 4 years experience of every officer and commander we are making one of the strongest military group in eWorld with around 38k average strength and 350 members we can deliver damage anywhere in world(except against Serbia x) ). From 500-750 million damage in one part of the day or in one day 1.5 -2 billons damage. For all other details you can contact anyone with op and above higher status on #sos.meeting @Rizon.

Our motto is: “Una salus victus”.

Q: Do you think you will manage to win the next edition of the Military Unit Tournament?

A: We can promise only that as an Army we will give hell to the other units or nations (like Polish Civil Army), because we already proved that we can fight against anyone no matter if they are stronger in numbers, we have ultimate quality on our side.

Q: What improvements would you propose for the next Military Unit Tournament?

A: Better rewards 😛

For 7 days all the Military Units across the world competed against each other. Regardless of the side you fought or whether you won or not, eRepublik wants to thank, once again, all the participants of this contest and wish them good luck for the next Military Units Tournament.

Get ready to fight!

This article is a summary of the 2013 eRepublik Summit, but we couldn’t start without noting the International Meeting held last weekend. Just like astronauts find it hard to get used with the Earth’s gravitation after a long voyage in space, we needed some time to accommodate with the thought of being back home after Greece. That’s how awesome the meeting in Thessaloniki was! The Greek hosts have our warmest thanks for organizing the event and setting a new benchmark of awesomeness for eRepublik meetings. Thessaloniki was a really good venue to meet and socialize with a lot of eRepublik players, while enjoying good food, good drinks and good parties.

Those who couldn’t be in Thessaloniki last weekend also missed the 2013 Official eRepublik Summit. Therefore we will proceed and describe the topics discussed.

The Summit started with a presentation of our development plans for the rest of this year. First on the list is a New User Experience. If you tried to invite people in this game, you certainly noticed that very few of them remain active after one week, and almost none after one month. From thousands of players brought in the game by recent baby-booms, only dozens are still playing. Even if the existing players are trying to interact with the new ones and get them involved, a lot quit so fast that they never get the chance to really discover the best part of eRepublik: the community.

Therefore, the whole starting experience in general and the work and train routine in particular will be changed to be more intuitive and involving. The new players will be motivated to return more often to collect rewards, instead of just clicking once a day on work and train. Also, a lot of new players exit eRepublik without clicking one single button, discouraged by the complicated and outdated interface. As a result the future eRepublik homepage will have a design worthy of a game from 2013.

The second project presented was the New Battle Page, which will use the exact same game mechanics, but will be redesigned to be more intuitive, more visual and more functional.

Each tank or soldier on the battlefield will represent one actual player who is fighting at that precise moment in that precise battle. The troops will advance to the right or get pushed back to the left depending on the amount of damage done by each side.

A New Forum is also something you can expect in the next few months, which will be accessed using your citizen account (so no additional authentication will be required). Some players suggested that the global forum should also contain sub-forums dedicated to each country, while others believe that national forums are something that is best managed by the national communities themselves, as they currently are. From our perspective the second option is the best, since many national forums already exist, are working well and contain too much content to be moved somewhere else. Also, each community would have the power to manage their forum and users in the way they like. This doesn’t mean we couldn’t work to implement an eRepublik authentication on these external forums as well, it is something to be considered in the future.

After presenting our current projects, we asked the attendants to provide feedback on the Future Plans. The most discussed topic was the Military Unit Changes, where the players suggested that the most important features are: dedicated storage, dedicated companies, captains elected directly by the commander, automatic sending of supplies, the option of closing the MU for new members.

“Fix Economy” was another discussed topic. Some good suggestions came along, but the bottom line is that is hard to give big profits to company owners and good salaries to new players so they can survive in the game. A satisfactory middle line will have to be found.

Because the previous two topics were intensely debated, no time was left to talk about the future of the events and the Bazooka. The conversation did continue however after the Summit as everyone gathered for the closing party of the eRepublik Meeting.

The full presentation can be accessed here.

For a glimpse at the life around the summit, take a look at the pictures posted by St.Stefanos.

The eRepublik Summit was a good opportunity to test our plans with the community and to gather feedback for the future plans. We would like to send our thanks to the attendants, and again very big thanks to the Greek organizers of the International Meeting. We hope to see everyone again at the next meeting, that announces itself to be just as great: the location will be no other than Istanbul, the city placed on two continents.

The Military Units Tournament is now officially closed. The passion shown by fighters and military commanders to win this tournament couldn’t have been at higher levels. We find this to be truly inspiring, as it’s events like this that show what eRepublik is really about: healthy competition, team play, and a lot of dedication.

Without further ado, we will post the names of the Top three Military Units, so they are known by the whole world:

1. Macedonian Army – Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) – 29 billion damage
2. Bulgarian Civilian Corps – Bulgaria – 17 billion damage
3. S.O.S. – Serbia – 15.9 billion damage

The Polish Civil Army deserves a special recognition for coming just short of the 3rd place, with 15.7 billion damage. It’s also interesting to note that among the Top 50 Military Units, the Greek and Polish ones dealt the highest amount of combined damage. Here is the ranking of New World countries, based on the number of Military Units they had in the Top 50:

We wish the winners to enjoy their bigger rewards for completing the Daily Order and to stay strong in the future as well. Regardless of whether you won or not, thank you for being part of the tournament and making it so awesome.

Our most respectful o7 goes to you all.

The eRepublik Team

May 12th, 2013 was celebrated as the Mother’s Day in many parts of the real world. However in the New World it was also quite an important date, as it marked the 2000th day of eRepublik.

If we consider one month of eRepublik to be the equivalent of 4 real life years (because of the length of political mandates), the New World would be about 267 years old. That’s 30 years more than the United States of America!

To make this a happy celebration, all Energy Bars consumed on day 2000 offered a full Energy refill, so our citizens could play as much as they want. One player who really took advantage of this was omg_87, who dealt over 5 billion damage in one day.

The record for the highest damage dealt in a campaign was also broken in Day 2000. The previous record was 44.091.816.241 damage, dealt in a campaign of Bulgaria vs. Greece during the Gold Mines contest. Here is the ranking of the most disputed campaigns of Day 2000 (the numbers indicate the damage dealt in the campaign during this day):

Romania vs. Bulgaria                                                   62.491.850.180 (new record)

Israel vs. Serbia                                                                      31.575.155.114

Iran vs. Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)                  29.834.781.916

Croatia vs. Serbia                                                                   24.487.899.725

Serbia vs. Albania                                                                  24.480.268.511

Bulgaria vs. Saudi Arabia                                                    20.343.469.188

Thank you all for playing in the 2000th day of eRepublik. Your support made it possible to reach this number and we hope to reach day 4000 (or even 5000) together! And since we mentioned the Mother’s Day, we would like to use this opportunity to send our warm regards to all the mothers in eRepublik!

The first official Military Units Tournament

There is one concept in eRepublik that was created 2000 days ago by the citizens and became so strong and so important for the community that the eRepublik team introduced it in the game in the end: the Military Unit. We can actually say that by celebrating 2000 days of eRepublik we also celebrate all the Military Units across the New World.

So it’s time for each Military Unit member to proudly prepare his uniform for 7 days of parades during the first official Military Units Tournament. It’s time to fight not just for your country but for your uniform, for your comrades and for prizes and national and international achievements for your military group.

For 7 days all the Military Units across the world will compete against each other, we will measure and reward the ones that deal the biggest amount of damage.

Stay tuned and get ready for battle!

The past week was really intense in eRepublik. Tens of countries fought and competed for winning five Gold Mines worth 100 000 Gold each. The contest was very disputed, not only in terms of raw damage, but in a tactical way as well. We won’t make use of big words to describe the billions and billions of damage points dealt, because this contest might be just the tip of the iceberg.

Now that the Gold Mines are placed on the map, even more intense battles started for the five Gold-rich regions in the New World. The venerable dinosaurs (i.e. very old eRepublik players) here at the eRepublik HQ are anticipating this week thinking of the battles that defined the term “epic battle”: WSR (West Siberian Region), Podolia, LionKing (Liaoning), and all the others. But before expanding on this subject, let’s see the five winners and the five locations of the mines.



Capital City, Region




Belgrade, Belgrade




Washington DC, District of Columbia




Ankara, Central Anatolia




Canberra, New South Wales



South Africa

Cape Town, Western Cape



Here the contest was the most disputed, yet Serbia came out clear winners. The other countries did so well that we want to publish the damage rankings as a recognition of their efforts:




















Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)








As you can see, nine countries dealt more than ten billion damage each. Congratulations to Poland, which was neck to neck with Serbia for most of the contest, and to the other countries for making the race so disputed.

As for Serbia, not only they won a mine in Belgrade, but were close to securing a second Gold Mine by conquering Ankara. However their ally, Poland, launched a surprise Airstrike on Ankara one day before the contest was over. The Turkish defense was fierce, yet the Polish won by a great margin.


As it was expected, the USA dealt more damage than Argentina, Chile or Brazil and comfortably won the American Gold Mine.

However things were expected to get less comfortable for them. Poland was rumored to make a move and attempt a conquest of Washington D.C. Poland’s ally, Spain, had conquered much of the Eastern Canada and was just north of Washington. Sunday, Poland’s attack on Turkey certainly made the United States breath in relief.

Given all the hostility, the USA were planning to respond in a superb way: by attacking first with an Airstrike over Europe. Now it remains to be seen whether they will use the Airstrike or keep it for darker days.

Meanwhile in Latin America, Chile and Argentina are still in a tight clash, but Chile conquered Canberra and will receive Australia’s Gold Mine. Unless Argentina has something to say about it.

The other big power of the region, Brazil, now controls the Gold Mine in Cape Town, South Africa.


China was billed as the strong favorite here, but Turkey pulled a surprise. Of course, this served them very little since their capital fell to Poland. It would take an even bigger surprise for Turkey to liberate their Gold Mine.

Indonesia, once a huge power, is in the fortunate vicinity of two possible mine sites: Australia and South Africa. However the Australian capital is under the occupation of an ally of Indonesia, and the South African capital is occupied by a stronger country. It’s therefore unlikely that Indonesia will attempt to attack any of the two mines.

Oceania and Africa

There were only two contestants in each of these continents, and neither of them are in a position to defend their mines. As said earlier, Canberra fell to Chile. The more interesting situation is in Africa, where drama hit in the last second.

Egypt was in the winning position for the entire contest. Meanwhile Greece and Bulgaria fought with all their strength for the control of Cairo. The amount of damage dealt in their battles was enormous, and it all peaked late Sunday night/Monday morning. It was the decisive moment for whom will control the Gold Mine in Cairo.

At the last moment, South Africa topped the contest rankings and won the mine. In effect, Brazil got the mine, since they control Cape Town. Rumors say that they are also responsible for South Africa’s win in the last moment. Either way, the war between Greece and Bulgaria proved to be for nothing, while Brazil got the big prize with only a fraction of the effort. This turn of events ended the contest in a really spectacular way.

As a conclusion

Given all the data in the equation, the week ahead will certainly be an entertaining one. For once, EDEN is a prominent alliance who had good chances of winning two mines through Turkey and Greece, yet are left with nothing. It remains to be seen whether they will resign the fight or rise even stronger. Also, if the big countries decide to fight over the mines, smaller countries have a good chance to start some resistance wars and liberate their territories. Only the future can reveal what the top military commanders of the New World have in their plans.

Regardless of the side you fought or whether you won or not, eRepublik wants to thank all the participants in this contest and wish them good luck ahead. Your feedback was very helpful in organizing it, so please use the comments below to express your thoughts, now that the contest is over.

Hello guys,

As you may already know by the end of this week the new eRepublik module, “Guerrilla Fights”, will be fully available. The participants of the beta tests already saw that this is something quite different compared to our previous releases. Our aim was to create a player versus player module, a module that will hopefully make the eRepublik experience more intense.

We all love strategy games but sometimes we want to play and win, we want to challenge other players, we want to show our skills in battle. It’s a feeling we hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed coding this module.

We are also glad that the stability issues we had were solved in the last beta test and players were not having problems getting into the “Guerrilla Fights”. We worked hard to create a module that is friendly and simple to understand but at the same time is challenging and deep at a tactical level. We know very well that there is still work to be done and we are doing our best to update it in order to make it as enjoyable as possible.

We also would like to thank all our beta testers because without them we couldn’t fix the stability issues we had. We hope all of you will take this leap of faith and try this new gameplay experience.

From our point of view, this is just the beginning. Your feedback is very valuable and will be key in helping us make this new module better. So don’t be a stranger and let us know if you have anything to tell us that could help improve “Guerrilla Fights”

Thank you all for your support,

eRepublik Dev Team

Northern Alliance, ATLANTIS, Peace, Phoenix, ONE, EDEN, CoT and so on… these are not just simple acronyms. Almost all eRepublik citizens understand their meaning: they are alliances in eRepublik, groups of countries with common goals that support each other in wars. These entities were not a game feature initially, they were created by the players within the metagame.

Things changed in December 2012.

In December 2012 hundreds of eRepublik players gathered together in Bucharest to be part of the first eRepublik Military Summit. During the event, among other things,  the citizens voted to have alliances in eRepublik, as an official game feature. So Plato needed to find a window in the development planning to work with the community and implement a beta version of this metagame feature in eRepublik.

After weeks of research, analysis and coding you can now browse the Alliance page in eRepublik. For a start, you can check in what alliance your country is, who are your allies and who is leading the alliance. Soon, you’ll be able to see on the Alliances page (in the Community menu): news, orders or the alliance charter and, later on, you will be able to browse the alliance layer on the eRepublik map.

Please check it out in the Community menu and stay tuned for future blog updates regarding the “Guerrilla Fights” and the economical module!

The eRepublik Team

There’s one item which is indispensable to any strategy game. Whether you are fighting a war against aliens or building an ancient settlement you need to have this at the bottom of the screen. You can also find it in various locations of the real life, from the legendary strategy room hidden deep inside the basements under the Pentagon, to the pockets of any tourist using public transport in a foreign city.

If you’re into strategy games you probably figured by now we’re talking about a map. The thing old school generals used to unfold on a table and stick flags into. If you would like to think about the eRepublik homepage as your strategy desk for the New World, then we’re going to roll out a map on it for you. So flag-proof your monitor and stay tuned, the map will be here any day now.

eRepublik has been from the very beginning a very immersive and complex virtual world. After five years on the market, we gathered some data to see how it compares to the real world. The result you can see below. If you feel intimidated by the apparently gigantic weapons industry inside eRepublik, remember that it produced no casualties, just tremendous amounts of fun.

To all our friends who joined us last month in Bucharest, but mostly to those who couldn’t, we would like to present a short video of the eRepublik Summit. One of the topics discussed back then was the eRepublik map, which will be the subject of our next blog post. Stay tuned for pictures and more information on the subject. Until then we will let the video do the talking. Enjoy!

This fall the New World reaches half a decade of history. We would like to thank everyone who was part of it. You basically wrote the history yourselves! Let’s hope we will celebrate with you again after another five years, with twice as many stories and memorable moments.

Speaking of memorable moments, this week is bound to be one of them, as eRepublik goes into  party mode. For starters, all battles will be epic as damage was increased by 50% for everyone and rockets are twice as cheap to produce. Battle and Campaign Heroes will be well rewarded for their contribution with rockets and bombs. Everyone who misses the party at will certainly feel sorry, because they will also miss the anniversary rewards for daily tasks, the 5% bonus to strength gained and the special BootCamp training building.

Probably the biggest surprise is Plato joining the fight on the battlefield. After spending 5 years behind the servers, he is finally testing the military module for himself. Plato is also bringing reinforcements with him: Lana – the famous training adviser, plus one very aggressive headless chicken.

More surprises are to be on display at, and be sure to visit during Black Friday. Thank you again for making these first five years possible, and have a great end of 2012!

Yours truly,
The one year older eRepublik Team

Hello, eRepublikans!

Vampires, werewolves, and other night loving creatures surfaced in eRepublik last weekend, threatening to throw one huge Halloween party.

For the safety of our citizens, we summoned the most powerful weapon to match their dark forces. Called the “Batzooka”, it’s sort of like a Bazooka from the underworld, a slimy weapon that fires rotten pumpkins. Just like the normal Bazooka, it kills enemies with one hit, but in a slightly slower and more painful fashion since the stench needs some time to kick in. Obviously we don’t recommend playing with the Batzooka in closed environments like bars, offices, or your grandmother’s house.

For our citizens who are trapped at home with ghosts, witches or evil midgets, our team has prepared a new set of missions that should make the time pass easier and forget about the horrible creatures lurking in the house. Short of having a direct line to the ghostbusters HQ, we reckon that this week the safest place to be is the erepublik battlefield, as long as those werewolves don’t get an internet connection. However, fighting for your life (and country) is well worth the risk as there are plenty of life replenishing energy bars among the rewards given to those who complete our missions.

If you care for the safety and fun of the loved ones don’t hesitate to invite them to join the fun in eRepublik.

Don’t forget your daily dose of garlic!
The eRepublik Team