Hello guys,

As you may already know by the end of this week the new eRepublik module, “Guerrilla Fights”, will be fully available. The participants of the beta tests already saw that this is something quite different compared to our previous releases. Our aim was to create a player versus player module, a module that will hopefully make the eRepublik experience more intense.

We all love strategy games but sometimes we want to play and win, we want to challenge other players, we want to show our skills in battle. It’s a feeling we hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed coding this module.

We are also glad that the stability issues we had were solved in the last beta test and players were not having problems getting into the “Guerrilla Fights”. We worked hard to create a module that is friendly and simple to understand but at the same time is challenging and deep at a tactical level. We know very well that there is still work to be done and we are doing our best to update it in order to make it as enjoyable as possible.

We also would like to thank all our beta testers because without them we couldn’t fix the stability issues we had. We hope all of you will take this leap of faith and try this new gameplay experience.

From our point of view, this is just the beginning. Your feedback is very valuable and will be key in helping us make this new module better. So don’t be a stranger and let us know if you have anything to tell us that could help improve “Guerrilla Fights”

Thank you all for your support,

eRepublik Dev Team

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