The 2nd Military Units Tournament has ended after one week of intense competition. Military Units that wanted to catch a place in the Top 50 had to deal an average of more than 1 billion damage per day, which requires a lot of dedication and competitive spirit. As for the best of the best, the Top 3 units, they are:

Sons of Alexander the Great – Greece – 38.9 billion damage

HV – Croatia – 30.7 billion damage

Nacionalna Garda – Serbia – 26.4 billion damage

Last tournament’s winner, Macedonian Army came just one place short of the podium, but missing more than 6 billion damage in order to reach the 3rd place. Nevertheless they were worthy fighters, like all the participants of the tournament, to whom we extend sincere congratulations. The Top 50 Military Units also received a hefty prize in currency, which can be used with the Combat Orders, the new feature that was released during the tournament.

We would also like to use this opportunity to announce that along with the Combat Orders, which allow Military Units to pay soldiers for damage, we also released several improvements to the way Military Units work. We won’t expand the subject here, but those who are interested can read about the tweaks in the Latest Updates:

Thanks to all the fighters and the Military Units who were involved in this competition. Regardless of their final position in the rankings, we hope that it was as fun to take part in the tournament as it was for us to create it!

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