About a month ago, eRepublik promised that the New World would receive its deserved and much needed professional map. A map to mirror rapid changes that occur in the New World. A map to show you how big an empire is, or what enemies surround the region you live in. A map to show you the richest regions of eRepublik, as well as the most populated ones. A map to develop military strategies as well as a map for managers searching productive regions. The New World is so dynamic and evolves so quickly, that the ability to track details at such levels is key.

The new map is live showing you the eRepublik world like you have never seen it before.  You can not only zoom in to see countries and their regions, but it gets much more granular – you can view the population, resources, and even constructions (such as a hospital or defense system) in a particular region.  You can filter by country, and then even filter further by viewing a country’s active MPP`s (mutual protection pacts) and trade embargoes.  The handy map can also be filtered easily by type of map – politically (to see the normal map by countries/regions), by population, by active battles, by resources, and by constructions.  You can even filter by date – you might be interested in seeing how the world looked a week ago, or a month ago, etc. Nothing simpler, just select the desired date, and you’ll see the world configuration as it was back then.

Considering the complexity and ever changing landscape of the New World, a map of this caliber is going to be a huge asset to the New World. It’s certainly fascinating seeing the eRepublik world take shape – check out the map below – I currently live in Texas, Indonesia!


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