Erepublik team in the park

Today all members of the Erepublik team went for a walk in a park. We also took this opportunity to take some pictures.

Here all the geeks of Erepublik from left to right:
Alexis and George L – Just like in the office, in the park also they were bossing us around.
George P – The sun glare is so annoying.
Ileana – Look how happy she is because she had a 15 minutes break from all those bugs.
Alex L – Hey why do I have to be at the back?
Geo – Our banner supporter.
Cristi – The guy who wrote this silly post.
Alex S – He really sees everything in HTML code (even trees, grass).
Bogdan – I want to hug one of the trees.
Irina – What a look!
Andru – This is all very nice but I have V1 to deliver.
Silviu – Nice jeans!
Radu – Last time I took this pose I was 6 years old and holding a football.
Marius – Such a happy happy guy.
Gabi – That belly isn’t really his belly, thanks photoshop.

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