by Gheorghe Bucluc, aka Belea2008

This post describes an unofficial eRepublik meeting (described by one of the participants) that took place on March 7, 2009 in Szeged, Hungary. At the time of the meeting, Romania had conquered an important part of Hungary in the New World (including the capital, Budapest) and there were no signs of peace between the two countries. The purpose of the meeting was for the players to get to know each other in real life and to discuss their passion – the New World.

Motto: “We play the same game. Against each other. But together. This is important.” (Quicksilver, former President of eHungary)

At one of the eRepublik gatherings in Banat, I had a discussion with a citizen about meeting the next weekend with Hungarian leaders in their country. For one week, I thought that there was little chance of the meeting taking place, but I was so wrong.

On March 6, I canceled a barbecue, a birthday celebration for a friend and a romantic meeting with a girl, and in three hours I was on a Q4 Romanian train to Banat. The second day, on my way to the beautiful land of Hungary, I was all eyes on everything: interesting people, foreign language, great architecture and, above all a nice mansion/restaurant. Needless to say that we (the Romanians attendees at the meeting) were all eager to meet our “enemies” from the eRepublik battlefields, and to talk about all sorts of things.

And they came, shy, with open minds and open hearts, and we started ordering Q5 coffees and traditional Hungarian food (or beers). It did not take long for us to get to know each other and start making ironic remarks about how wonderful it would be if Hungary got back all the regions conquered by Romania (officially, there were no negotiations about the mentioned regions – one of them being Southern Great Plain – but have you noticed that Hungary re-conquered all of them very quickly? :D).

We talked about Romania being like a dragon and Hungary’s great challenge with the new citizens. Hungary’s great achievement of attracting 4000 new citizens in two weeks was praised. At some point, it was proposed that Romania conquer all Asia, and that Hungary extend her realm over Europe, but the details were merely friendly jokes.

The final purpose: “To drink (coffee, of course), to eat, to get to know each other, to have a great time and to realize that your biggest adversaries from the New World can be your future friends in real life.” (dsalageanu, President of eRomania)

It was no secret meeting, but I found out that only a handful of citizens were aware that the leaders of Romania and Hungary had a friendly meeting in Szeged. The president of Romania made a public announcement after the meeting was over, and the ex-president of Hungary published impressions the second day.

See more pictures here and here.

Community meeting in Hungary

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