Northern Alliance, ATLANTIS, Peace, Phoenix, ONE, EDEN, CoT and so on… these are not just simple acronyms. Almost all eRepublik citizens understand their meaning: they are alliances in eRepublik, groups of countries with common goals that support each other in wars. These entities were not a game feature initially, they were created by the players within the metagame.

Things changed in December 2012.

In December 2012 hundreds of eRepublik players gathered together in Bucharest to be part of the first eRepublik Military Summit. During the event, among other things,  the citizens voted to have alliances in eRepublik, as an official game feature. So Plato needed to find a window in the development planning to work with the community and implement a beta version of this metagame feature in eRepublik.

After weeks of research, analysis and coding you can now browse the Alliance page in eRepublik. For a start, you can check in what alliance your country is, who are your allies and who is leading the alliance. Soon, you’ll be able to see on the Alliances page (in the Community menu): news, orders or the alliance charter and, later on, you will be able to browse the alliance layer on the eRepublik map.

Please check it out in the Community menu and stay tuned for future blog updates regarding the “Guerrilla Fights” and the economical module!

The eRepublik Team

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