At the beginning of the National Shield Tournament we have announced that the top 50 players from every country will receive a personalized badge to go on their profile. The top 3 players will receive badges showing their standing on the podium. You will have to wait until the end of the competition to know who will get them, but you won’t have to wait a second longer to see how they will look like. Our art team agreed to let everyone get a preview of the new badges:

If you’re among the top 50, these shiny shield badges will go on your profile page in a dedicated section underneath the current achievements. They will also be engraved with a tooltip to remind everyone for eternity just how cool you were to win the National Shields competition. It’s always good to have a reminder about the top moments of your e-life, so our art team will do their best to create such badges for future tournaments as well.

There’s still one day left until the end of the competition, so keep ranking up those percentages and you might just end up having one of the shields on your profile!

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