Back in the days of the eRepublik Beta, a small organized group of players moved to South Africa in a daring attempt to break the rules and have some fun. This is the short version of the first takeover that ever happened in eRepublik. The entire eWorld was in shock seeing that a small, motivated and well organized group could pull such a stunt. The implications of that deed are very visible today, as takeovers are mainstream maneuvers at all levels.

Hated by many and enjoyed by few, the takeover practice was tolerated by eRepublik and it quickly became an important part of the gameplay.

As no good deed goes unpunished, a small group of veteran eRepublik players managed to slowly infiltrate the team, gaining Plato’s confidence. And now guess what? There are enough of us for a takeover!

As you and us both know, winning the election is the easy part. The hard part is what you do with your new found power. For now we are bringing back a much requested homepage feature. It is a small step for the eRepublik community but a leap forward in terms of approach.

Bottom line, top 5 news will be back on the front page! Makes you wonder what will happen next… illegitimate donations? Impeachment?

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