Battle of the Alliances

Update: The Competition has started. Damage is updated Once per Day. The MPPs will be updated on day 1743.

Your presidents have made their call. Both veteran alliances and ad-hoc ones are taking part in this first global challenge.

Based on what your elected representatives decided, we present you the alliances involved and their composition:

Albania, Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece,India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of China (Taiwan), Romania, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay

Friendship Over Everything (FOE)
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Indonesia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland, Venezuela, Mexico, Republic of Moldova

Fraternal Union of Countries and Kingdoms – Unofficial
France, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Philippines, South Africa, Russia

Brazil, Hungary,  Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Serbia, Thailand

ABC (Alliance of Baltic Countries)
Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

Finland, Sweden

Arabic Alliance
Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates

Independent Nations

For all the countries participating on this competition, we will activate MPPs between the members of each alliance, without any fee involved. If there already is an active MPP between 2 such countries, it will be extended by one month.

Damage counting

The damage will be counted based on the country. During the whole week, all the damage hit for a country’s side, by both allies and local citizens, will count for the alliance the country is in. For example, in a battle of eRomania – eHungary the damage dealt by both eRomania and it’s allies on Romania’s side will count for the alliance eRomania is in. Same goes for eHungary.


You all know the eRepublik background with the New World. As a reward for the effort, we will design a special branded background with the logo of the winner alliance that will replace the regular one for a week. This applies for all our other Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

Imagine this, making your enemies wear your coat of arms for a week! This will be something to remember! Prepare your troops and bring out the heavy artillery for this will be a world in fire!

May the best alliance win!
eRepublik Team

Battle of The Alliances

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