note-frontJust like in the real world, being a citizen in a country is a crucial rite of passage in eRepublik. But what currently differs in the New World, is that you don’t necessarily take your citizenship with you – you can move freely from country to country with little effect on your ability to settle in as a native. Now as much as I wouldn’t mind having this privilege in the real world (being a US citizen residing in Spain), I must admit I would miss my sense of privilege and patriotism. Plus, citizenship is something you earn, not something that is handed out like candy.

I recently moved to Italy in eRepublik and am enjoying my new life there, but should there be other implications to my big move? Perhaps I should have to wait a certain amount of time before I am able to vote as a citizen, or maybe I should be able to take my nationality with me. We have put these questions out to the community in the latest Insider article in hopes of coming to some conclusions on what citizenship should really look like, as it is far more complicated than meets the eye. To read the latest Insider and/or provide your own ideas, please click here.

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