Recently, a veteran member of eRepublik, Big Brother, decided to “sit down” and chat with eRepublik’s Co-Founder George Lemnaru. Given Big Brother’s history in the New World, his objective for this was not only to ask Geor many of the questions that the community has been eager to get answers to, but also to make his already informative site just that much more interesting.

His questions ranged from personal to probing – from George’s typical day and favorite eRepublik memories, to new features and where George sees the game a year from now. Big Brother asked some pretty intense questions, and George answered.

When asked about his most memorable eRepublik experiences, one of the moments he shared was regarding the tension between Romania and Hungry both in-game and in real life, saying that, “…in the middle of the RO vs. HU war, the real life president of Hungary met with the real life president of Romania.” This was particularly impressive because it showed that people “do consider eRepublik -and especially the war module- as just a game and that in real life we are friends.” As far as his favorite in-game experience goes, George shared that he actually can’t play eRepublik, but can only work and vote, something that causes him “frustation.”

A summary really doesn’t do it justice, so be sure to read the full interview here.

Big Brother hopes to do more team interviews in the future.

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