23 hours have passed since the voting started, the situation is very balanced so we decided to share with you some intermediary voting stats, in order to be better informed about the way things are going.

These analysis were made at 6:00 o’clock eRepublik Time, when the general situation was the following:

Total votes: 38.255

50,39% voted for an independent eKosovo

49, 61% voted for Kosovo as a region of Serbia

We were curios to see what is the situation in terms of countries and we decided to share it you. What countries sustain the independence most? Who supports Serbia? What countries voted the most until now?

Search the answers below…

What countries voted the most until Day 1.423, 6 o’clock server time?

Of course, Serbia is the most motivated so more than 5.000 citizens voted. On the following places were Poland (more then 3.000 votes), Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) – more than 2000 voters, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia and Hungary (more than 1.500 voters).

Top 20 countries by number of votes until Day 1.423 of the New World at 6 o’clock eRepublik Time.

Who voted for Kosovo independency?

From the total number of voters from Republic of China (Taiwan), 94% voted for Kosovo independency! This decision was sustained also by 87% from Croatian voters, 85% from Colombia and Bosnia Herzegovina and 84% from the total votes in Uruguay, Cyprus and Malaysia.

Who wants Kosovo as a region in Serbia?

Of course, first of all, Serbia: 96% from the Serbian voters chooses this solution. But this solution is sustain also by more than 80% from the voters in Thailand, Montenegro, Rep. of Macedonia (FYROM), United Arab Emirates and New Zeeland, while in Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic more than 70% from the total voters consider that Kosovo should be a region in Serbia.

This is the intermediary situation, after almost one day since the eRepublik community was called to take a decision. Do not forget that we still have two more days to vote.

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