Update (Day 1.425 of the New World, 7 o’clock eRepublik Time):

The vote is over, here are the final results and the decision of the eRepublik community:

– Kosovo as a region of Serbia: 30.039 citizens

– eKosovo as an independent country: 29.596 citizens

This is what you, the eRepublik players, decided. We shall respect your will and come back in the following days with an extended analysis of the vote together with the next steps.

Thank you all and congrats to Serbian community for the result.


After 48 hours of voting, in the Day 1.424 at 7:30 eRepublik Time, no less than 50.900 citizens expressed their opinion and the intermediary results were:

– eKosovo as an independent country: 49,79%

– Kosovo as a region of Serbia: 50,21%

Of course, Serbia was the country that sustain the most this last option (Kosovo as a region of Serbia), 96% from its citizens voted for it. But important percentages of citizens from Thailand, Montenegro, Rep. of Macedonia (FYROM), New Zealand or Romania sustain the same solution for the region. We can see the top 25 of the first 25 countries below:

The other solution (eKosovo as an independent country) found fans mostly in Taiwan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. You can check the first 25 countries that voted for this solution, below:

In terms of total votes, Serbia is, of course, the most motivated country. As a result, almost 7.500 Serbians voted. Still, important number of votes are coming from Poland, Rep. of Macedonia (FYROM), Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary or Romania. See below a chart with the countries where at least 1.000 citizens expressed their opinion.

That being said, we’re looking forward to see the final results and to find out what is the final decision of our community.

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