Last weekend our team decided to have a party in celebration of 366 days of granting citizenship.

As the festivity took place in Bucharest, citizens from the Romanian capital and near cities came in greater numbers than ever before. So, we registered a new record – 48 persons attending an eRepublik gathering.



The number of female citizens joining the meetings has increased also, this time having 11 girls among us. In the pictures we added you can see some of them, hope to catch them all together in picture at the next meeting.



Country presidents, party presidents and members, congress – men and women , former mayors, soldiers of all ranks – from Private to Field Marshall, company managers and employees, they all had a drink with our team and wished eRepublik “Happy birthday !”.

Well, maybe two or three drinks, as in the case of beer alone we recorded a total of 103 liters consumed.

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