May 12th, 2013 was celebrated as the Mother’s Day in many parts of the real world. However in the New World it was also quite an important date, as it marked the 2000th day of eRepublik.

If we consider one month of eRepublik to be the equivalent of 4 real life years (because of the length of political mandates), the New World would be about 267 years old. That’s 30 years more than the United States of America!

To make this a happy celebration, all Energy Bars consumed on day 2000 offered a full Energy refill, so our citizens could play as much as they want. One player who really took advantage of this was omg_87, who dealt over 5 billion damage in one day.

The record for the highest damage dealt in a campaign was also broken in Day 2000. The previous record was 44.091.816.241 damage, dealt in a campaign of Bulgaria vs. Greece during the Gold Mines contest. Here is the ranking of the most disputed campaigns of Day 2000 (the numbers indicate the damage dealt in the campaign during this day):

Romania vs. Bulgaria                                                   62.491.850.180 (new record)

Israel vs. Serbia                                                                      31.575.155.114

Iran vs. Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)                  29.834.781.916

Croatia vs. Serbia                                                                   24.487.899.725

Serbia vs. Albania                                                                  24.480.268.511

Bulgaria vs. Saudi Arabia                                                    20.343.469.188

Thank you all for playing in the 2000th day of eRepublik. Your support made it possible to reach this number and we hope to reach day 4000 (or even 5000) together! And since we mentioned the Mother’s Day, we would like to use this opportunity to send our warm regards to all the mothers in eRepublik!

The first official Military Units Tournament

There is one concept in eRepublik that was created 2000 days ago by the citizens and became so strong and so important for the community that the eRepublik team introduced it in the game in the end: the Military Unit. We can actually say that by celebrating 2000 days of eRepublik we also celebrate all the Military Units across the New World.

So it’s time for each Military Unit member to proudly prepare his uniform for 7 days of parades during the first official Military Units Tournament. It’s time to fight not just for your country but for your uniform, for your comrades and for prizes and national and international achievements for your military group.

For 7 days all the Military Units across the world will compete against each other, we will measure and reward the ones that deal the biggest amount of damage.

Stay tuned and get ready for battle!

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