4 years ago we set on a journey of building a new world. One where anyone and any country could rewrite history. A world where everything happens faster, what may take 4 years in the real world would take 1 month in eRepublik.

This means that actually this new world is almost two centuries old, just a little younger than the independent USA. The new world journey has been one filled with drama, alliances, heroes and villains. A world where new superpowers emerged only to then crumble into oblivion, one where its citizens made and continue to make its history. So thank you to all of the citizens that have invented with us this unique game world. For you, here is a look back on 2 centuries of eRepublik history!

Almost 3 million players entered the eRepublik Community and more than 200,000 spend active time in it every month. In the first version of eRepublik they were split in 43 countries but step by step no less than 70 nations joined the fight for supremacy. Political supremacy, economic supremacy but mostly military and geopolitical supremacy. The first war started between USA and Canada. When alliances appeared, wars became world wars. Romania versus Hungary was the first war in which more than 25 countries were involved, 3 years ago.

Since then, thousands of battles took place in eRepublik, some of them absolutely epic! Billions of damage inflicted, thousand of battle heroes, hundreds of Presidents forced to take difficult decisions and tons and tons of weapons and food consumed.

To make it even more clear, here are the most epic battle in the history of eRepublik, in terms of total damage:

1. 3,06 billions Brazil vs. Indonesia, the battle for Java, October 2011
2. 3,04 billions Romania vs. Hungary, the battle for Southern Great Plain, October 2011
3. 2,47 billions – Croatia vs. Mexico, the battle for Baja, October 2011

4. 2,16 billions – Hungary vs. Romania, the battle for Oltenia, October 2011
5. 2,15 billions – Turkey vs. Romania, the battle for Southeastern Anatolia, November 2011
6. 2,06 billions – Greece vs. Rep. of Macedonia (FYROM), the battle for Macedonia, November 2011
7. 1,99 billions – Turkey vs. Romania, the battle for Dobrogea, October 2011
8. 1,98 billions – Brazil vs. Spain, the battle for Canary Islands, October 2011
9. 1,97 billions – Spain vs. Brazil, the battle for North of Brazil, November 2011
10. 1,91 billions – Brazil vs. Spain, the battle for Andalucia, November 2011

Impressive, isn’t it?

Finally, in order to celebrate this month in a proper manner, the eRepublik team prepared a lot of surprises for the community: interviews with some of the most representative players, statistics about the most epic battles or best heroes.
And this is not all, nine anniversary missions are live and ready to be solved, for fun but also for getting important amounts of strength, gold, resources or experience points!

More details and surprises in the following blog posts.

Thank you for playing eRepublik!
The eRepublik Team

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