Last week was all about LeWeb for a few of us at eRepublik (and for me it’s been more like the last couple of months).  After winning the jury prize for best European startup at last year’s LeWeb, we decided to return to re-introduce everyone to the New World as it is today.  What a few days was.  It started with our arrival on Monday to get everything set up – which included getting our booth ready.  What an impressive booth we had – it lit up the entire room of booths with its towering white walls and screens running images of the game.  People flocked to our booth full of curiosity to learn what eRepublik was and how to get involved.  To introduce folks to the game we had an eRepublik newspaper including some intriguing news articles from the game, and also passed out eRepublik passports with LeWeb visas.  What was especially timely was the current war declared by the USA, UK, Canada and Sweden on France – certainly intriguing news for a lot of the French attendees.  It was so refreshing to interact and share the game with so many new people all at once and speak with them about their impressions and thoughts about the game.  Overall, people were tremendously fascinated with the concept and eager to get into the New World and check it out themselves.  We were all tremendously exhausted, but very happy and thankful to have had the opportunity to share eRepublik with so many people, face-to-face.  We met a lot of really sharp people and had some very intriguing conversations about the game.  It was a great time, but now it’s back to work!

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