Dear citizens,

The time has come to barricade your doors, lock your windows, seal the basement and pray the dreaded creatures of the Underworld stay away. Yet for the braver ones, willing to venture into the battlefield or compete in our contests during the foggy Halloween nights, we have prepared a real treat.

Those of age similar to vampires have little use for the Bazooka parts that are normally found on the battlefield. It was probably due to them that the Halloween bats stole several unwanted Bazookas and carried them into the deep caves of the Underworld. Little is known about what the bats did to them. What is certain is that they turned them into something much more powerful: the Batzooka.

The Batzooka is a very dangerous weapon, as it draws its power from the Strength of the warrior who wields it. When the fighter is strong enough, it will help him deal more damage than a Quality 7 weapon! The Batzooka will inflict more pain and horror depending on the Division of each player:

  • 10% more Damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 1
  • 20% more Damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 2
  • 30% more Damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 3
  • 40% more Damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 4

No matter what happens, the Halloween bats have promised that the Batzooka will never deal less than 10,000 damage per hit. Why this happens, we do not know for sure. We believe that the Batzooka takes control of the mind and bodies of weaker fighters, but it’s up to you to dare to use one and find out what happens.

If you do become possessed by this weapon and feel the insatiable urge to use it from dusk till dawn, the bats will randomly drop parts of it on the battlefield. A dense swarm of bats has also descended on our Weekly Challenge, covered it with their wings and then revealed a Halloween Challenge. Even more Batzookas will be given to those who complete it.

Start collecting Batzooka parts this Tuesday, Day 2170! The bats will stop dropping cursed Batzooka parts after Day 2175. The final day to use your Batzookas is Day 2179.

The Community Contests

For our citizens who enjoy dark stories of frightening monsters, we will host 2 special contests during Halloween. They will not be based on hits, damage, or Prestige Points, but on your creativity. Participate now on our Forum and win amazing prizes!

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