This fall the New World reaches half a decade of history. We would like to thank everyone who was part of it. You basically wrote the history yourselves! Let’s hope we will celebrate with you again after another five years, with twice as many stories and memorable moments.

Speaking of memorable moments, this week is bound to be one of them, as eRepublik goes into  party mode. For starters, all battles will be epic as damage was increased by 50% for everyone and rockets are twice as cheap to produce. Battle and Campaign Heroes will be well rewarded for their contribution with rockets and bombs. Everyone who misses the party at will certainly feel sorry, because they will also miss the anniversary rewards for daily tasks, the 5% bonus to strength gained and the special BootCamp training building.

Probably the biggest surprise is Plato joining the fight on the battlefield. After spending 5 years behind the servers, he is finally testing the military module for himself. Plato is also bringing reinforcements with him: Lana – the famous training adviser, plus one very aggressive headless chicken.

More surprises are to be on display at, and be sure to visit during Black Friday. Thank you again for making these first five years possible, and have a great end of 2012!

Yours truly,
The one year older eRepublik Team

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