Erepublik meeting 17th May In the past three months we have organized several meetings with Erepublik citizens from Romania, especially from Bucharest. We meet in the last Saturday of each month in a local pub. Everyone has a great time, they ask us (me and George) what great features will be in the next Erepublik version and we try to get as much feedback as possible from them. After this kind of discussions the main subject is about Romania in Erepublik. Defense strategies, political partnerships, economical agreements between company owners and so on. Here are photos from our previous meetings.
French Citizens from Erepublik took our example and they are organizing a meeting on May 29th, in Paris.

In what photo can you find three presidents siting toghether and enjoying a drink? From left to right: IMSilviu, Bogdan Adamutz, Cristeco (ex-President of Romania), Titu Maiorescu (ex-President of Romania), Alex Craciun ( President of Romania.

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