eRepublik, the massively multiplayer online social strategy game, has recently exceeded the 200,000 active citizen mark with more than 600,000 citizen accounts created since day one of the New World. That means that one fifth of a million real people, are keeping their citizens alive by playing regularly. This is double the size of the population that was active in eRepublik at the end of March 2009, just six months ago.

“The eRepublik team is very proud of this achievement. This is the result of two years of hard work, passion and dedication to this project, which aims to offer our citizens a fun time and lots of new friendships,” comments Alexis Bonte, Co-Founder and CEO of eRepublik.

“Of course, we would not have been able to turn eRepublik into such an interesting game without the help of our citizens, whom we thank. We are proud of having a dedicated community of people who have helped us develop the game we all envisioned,” adds George Lemnaru, Co-Founder and CTO of eRepublik.

The global conflict taking place in the New World is one of the reasons for the late baby boom that has caused the population of several countries within eRepublik to grow significantly. Word of mouth between citizens and friends has gathered together many new players in an attempt to increase the number of inhabitants in certain countries as well as the ranks of their armies. What is so impressive is that eRepublik’s growth is primarily user driven. Its players are so emotionally involved in the game largely due to their national pride, their friendship with other users, or just because they care for their virtual job, business or newspaper within the New World.

Coincidentally the official newspaper of the New World, the eRepublik Insider, recently celebrated its 200th issue of the international edition with its more than 124,000 subscribers. While it is the main newspaper in eRepublik, there are over 40,000 user generated newspapers which themselves have thousands of subscribers, making for a very active media.

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