This week marks a pretty important one for many Spanish-speaking citizens of eRepublik. The first exciting news is the addition of the Spanish language version of the site. The new language makes the site available for the many already existing Spanish-speaking citizens in the New World (who largely reside in one of the current 10 official Spanish-speaking eRepublik nations), in addition to those that have yet to join.

Dishmcds, a very active and prominent eRepublik citizen, who has Mexican heritage and speaks Spanish fluently but lives in the US, says, “Adding the Spanish user interface will allow the Hispanic community to really gain on countries like the United Kingdom, United States….Overall, it will make it much more exciting because there will be other challenges to face. Over time, with more increases in language, the eWorld will become as diverse as the real world, which is where the real fun lies.”

To add to this exciting news, we have also just added five new Spanish-speaking countries to eRepublik – Bolivia, Columbia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Mauricio López, a Colombian in real life, says “it’s a dream come true….with the arrival of five new Spanish-speaking countries to join Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Chile, in addition to the Spanish version of the game, there is no doubt that the Spanish-speaking community has a great potential to grow and be a great power in eWorld.”

We are eager to see eRepublik take new shape with these most recent additions and look forward to launching more languages and countries in the future!

Please find the press release here.

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