Thursday will be a big day for the New World, the day when we welcome in eRepublik a new country and a new region! The eRepublik Map has less and less gray areas and we are very glad that we’ve managed to do this together with the community. Take a look on the Map of the New World and discover: eAlbania and the new eSerbian region Kosovo.

For the moment both the country and the region are inactive, so players cannot move in any of the new regions. They have no borders set and they cannot be attacked or conquered.

Since in eRepublik every region has specific natural resources, the same applies for these new ones:

Albania will have three regions with the following resources: Tirana – Grain, Albanian Coast – Fish and Southeastern Albania – Oil.
In the case of the newest eSerbian region, Kosovo, will have Aluminum as a resource.

Regarding eAlbania, if any country plans to attack it, they will have to wait. eAlbanians will have some time to get ready and gather their troops, for 15 days, until Day 1,466. Of course, they cannot attack other countries as well. But the citizens of this country can fight in battles, based on their future alliances.

For those interested in gaining the citizenship of eAlbania we will offer a solution in the following days.

Kosovo’s situation is totally different from eAlbania. This region has no limits for the attack or whatsoever. It will be an original region of eSerbia, hence you cannot open resistance wars there unless it is occupied by someone else other than eSerbia.

Welcome in eRepublik and may your existence in the New World be a successful one!

P.S. If anybody wants to remember the history of Kosovo becoming a region of eSerbia, you can read the posts below this one.

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