We managed to meet the Erepublikans in Constanta a few minutes ago. I will do my best to describe the event in this post (local time).

18:00 – 10 people joined the meeting: Cristesco, George Lemnaru, Belea2008, Shoby, cryuf, petrica somalezu, danymith, shadow figure, RoLitoral and flory_zborostean

Erepublikans that joined the meeting 18:10 – after the first impressions shared, we started talking about v1

18:30 – the discussion about the future of eRomania started…. Romanians are about to attack… ooops… never mind

18:45 – first set of discussion ended. The next set of drinks will come soon and we will resume talking about v1 now

18:55 – near us, at 10 meters distance – there are some kids playing football on the beach… “keep it down guys, we are trying to talk about the country strategies here”

19:10 – A lot of feedback received about the Beta version.

19:20 – A few changes to the Media module are requested by the Erepublikans

Erepublikans playing football on the beach19:30 – The Romanian president and George Lemnaru left the NON ALCOHOLIC drinks and started playing football… Lets go team… teach those 10 years old a football lesson

19:35 – Goooalll!

19:45 – Shared stickers with the ones who are not playing football on the beach

19:55 – The football team ( George) returned to the table…

20:10 – Third round of beer will come soon, good music and we are deciding on the football teams now

20:15 – The meeting paused and now … football!!! – my notebook battery is down so this could be it for today. See you later!

21:40 – Football is over… Shoby is like the god of football – a Ronaldihno between us.

21:45 – Now we will hav e dinner and after… party time!!! – Fatboy Slim concert

– Sorry for the quality of the pictures –

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