Two weeks ago, Paris hosted a French eRepublik “Elder’s Council” in the Klein Holland bar, very close to Île de la Cité. A total of 17 citizens participated – the majority of which included vetran players (five were ex-presidents and many others were important historical figures). However, the meeting was also directed to the newer generation. Citizens born during the “bébé” boom at the end of April were adopted by the versed veterans. The older players took pleasure in answering the questions of the next generation, who have already started holding great responsibilities in France. Many of them are congressmen or even party presidents.

The group had a discussion agenda that included plans on how to deal with citizenship, Spaniards and inappropriate comments, and on who should become the next French president (with Mavie75 and Papa Frantz being among the favorites). The most heated debate was around the French Constitution, its newest applications and controversial articles, with the already famous 40th article on top of the list. Also a preferred topic of discussion was that of the latest military actions of the French as they managed to border Hungary while bringing peace to Germany.

The citizens fantasized about becoming admins and showed their good knowledge of eRepublik laws (as seen in the pictures here), including an 11th which they added themselves: eFrance is the best country in the New World!

ph03n1x, Clow, Fleur de Lotus, num, Mavie75, Melkion, Guibrit, Leon Blum (though he stayed in a Chinese restaurant), meza, Azaret, Ginman, bolanwasright, aguellid, xa2008, Papa Frantz, Jebbidle (the citizen in charge of the French Conscription) and Hober all agreed they should see each other again in early August, but with Mavie75 as master of ceremonies!

by Titu Maiorescu

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