1erepublik-meeting-madrid-002.jpgThis weekend we had community meetings in two of the top 5 countries in Erepublik. Alexis was our representative member in Spain and me with Geo and Bogdan Adamut met with the Erepublikans in Romania on our monthly meeting. In Bucharest we broke all records with this event which lasted more than … 9 hours. Also in Madrid (see picture) several important Citizens could join, like Zhuge Lian. Meiko, Alyena, Charlie, Kane, vash and maeghith. They’ve talked about the next version of Erepublik (which will be an outstanding one) and Alexis received tremendous amount of feedback from them. Each one who could join this meeting received a “Citizen of The New World” T-shirt (available in online stores by the end of this year).

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