We are very happy to announce that we have closed our Series A round of funding, raising 2 million € from AGF Private Equity, and also that Guillaume Lautour, who is a partner at AGF PE, is joining our board.

We will be using these funds to hire more talent to the existing eRepublik Labs team of 30 in order to further develop our first strategy MMOG www.erepublik.com and prepare new ones.

You can find more details in our press releases below, and also in the the video interview I did with Guillaume yesterday evening in the Dublin airport, as well as the video of George and myself (guess where we shot the video…).

A big thank you to all the people involved in making this happen and to our eRepublik community for supporting us and helping us build www.erepublik.com. This is just the beginning…

English press release
Spanish press release
French press release

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