eRepublik Labs announced today that it has reached the milestone of one million unique visitors per month, only eight months after the release of its public version. Given the popularity of the game, it is no surprise then that the massively multiplayer online social strategy game has also recently been ranked 22nd on the TechCrunch Europe Top 100 startups list. This is a constantly updated Index of the most innovative and highest-potential European tech companies. The Index is focused on mobile and web companies in the EMEA region. The scores and rankings are based on a sophisticated algorithm using information pulled in from thousands of online sources about early stage companies: traffic, mainstream media, funding information sources, the blogosphere, and other key factors.

eRepublik has also earned the title of “highly commended” (2nd place) for the TechCrunch Europa award of Best Entertainment Application or Service (EMEA). Over 400 entrants were voted on by the industry and these results merged with those from 19 expert advisors.

“We are certainly overwhelmed by the level of recognition we are receiving from the industry,” says Alexis Bonte, Co-founder and CEO of eRepublik. “We are really happy that both our community and the experts agree in the potential of our game. This is great affirmation for us as we keep developing and improving the New World.”

Among the latest developments in eRepublik is the citizen ads module, which allows players to advertise products or ideas within the New World. This new feature is an exciting addition that will not only make the game more dynamic, but will help it to even more closely resemble the real world.

“I can’t wait to see the first political campaigns for the next monthly elections in the 60 countries of the eRepublik world. I expect that with the addition of the citizen ads that the elections will be quite disputed and that new political parties will emerge,” says George Lemnaru, CTO and Co-Founder of

The New World’s social based game play allows it to spread virally in terms of content and users, with almost no distribution and content creation costs. Listening to its community, the eRepublik team has been able to make regular releases, adjust game-play, try new things and add new features so as to increase the vast number of options players have to interact among each other. Now, after recently celebrating its 600 days of existence, over 430,000 citizen accounts have been created and eRepublik has an active community of over 140,000 people who play frequently enough to keep their citizens alive and well. In June of 2009, received over 4.2 million visits and 103 million page views. In addition, during that month, citizens spent over 60 million minutes navigating the eRepublik world.

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