The interview with Clopoyaur is the first in the series. We plan to do more of them and give players a chance to tell their stories for the whole community.

Tell us a bit about your eRepublik character: when did you start playing, what is your Military Unit, what are the achievements in game you are most proud of.

I play eRepublik for more than 5 years now under the name of Clopoyaur, proudly leading FSR (Fortele Speciale Romane), one of the top10 MUs of the world for more than 3 years. In real life I am a 34 years old guy from Maramures, Romania but living in Bucharest for the moment. My nickname comes from the hat people are wearing in my region, a small hat that is called “clop”.

I don’t remember how I started the game, I just know that I registered and started to work and train telling myself that this game has potential, but I don’t want/have time to explore it for the moment. After one year of playing the game passively, I found myself in the position of really doing something in the game or quitting. I had like 80 gold gathered in 2-click mode and made myself a q1 weapon factory. Game started to become interesting and I decided to learn different things. Still, after 3 months, I ended up with no more money and a huge stock of q1 weapons. A huge war started then (Operation Marmara) and all my weapons were sold for triple the production price. That is how I started to open up my options, explore more economics, become good in combat, meet new people, form then a military unit.

Since I am among the so called “dinosaurs” in this game, I made almost everything the game allowed me to do, very few little things remained unexplored. However, if I have to pick only a few of the achievements, I would still have a long list, so here it is:

– Becoming leader of FSR 2 months after I joined the MU and then transforming FSR from a usual MU in one of the most known and powerful in eRepublik universe

– Leading South Korea for 4 months and learning the game mechanics perfectly, transforming at

that time a small nation into an Asian power

Becoming president of Romanian and mobilizing the Romanian Army and allies to a perfect

campaign leaving without congress simultaneously Hungary and Serbia (at that time enemies) in

February 2012

– Making the first video stream about eRepublik – – and attracting as

many players as possible to play and learn the Guerrilla module.

– Managing to get from God of War*** to Titan in 10 days during the Epic Warfare event without

spending RL money, proving that eRepublik is not a “pay per win” game.

– Holding the world record for most victories in Guerrilla fights in one day (129) and for 1 week

(574). Also being the first player to break the 500 victories barrier in 7 days.

– Finding along the way absolutely amazing people whom I met in RL also.

How did you come up with the idea of creating an online broadcast?

I worked in the media in the past as sports journalist and I always liked the idea of broadcasting

something. I was watching people broadcast games for a lot of time and when the Guerrilla module was introduced in the game I saw an opportunity. Playing the game I like and sharing my experience and feelings about the game with the viewers was a temptation I could not resist. This is how Clopoyaur TV ( appeared. My first show hit the lights on April 16th with an attendance of over 50 people. I was absolutely exhausted after 4 hours of live streaming eRepublik, but absolutely amazed by the people reaction. I continued to improve my skills, I learned what people want to see, I interacted with them making the game more interesting and more enjoyable for me and my viewers.

I consider a great achievement for me when I receive messages after the show from people telling me that they started to play Guerrilla after watching me, or started to win matches once they followed my advices. Some people like the show for the music, some for my accent, some for the giveaways, some for finding the news about the latest game updates. As long as I make people happy, my mission is a success.

How do you manage to find content for each show? Do you have a special recipe you can share with your viewers?

At the first glance, you wouldn’t say that someone can talk 4-5 hours each night about eRepublik,

because the content the game is offering is not that big. Still, is happening because eRepublik is not a solo game, is a game that needs interaction badly. On Clopoyaur TV people interact directly to a player like them and they can see a different opinion, they can ask questions that are fast answered. I don’t just play the game, I talk a lot with my viewers, I offer them all my attention and this is why after one visit they keep returning. I am explaining what I am doing and seeing this, my viewers try to apply and improve their citizens also. In the last 5 months I learned that people enjoy being part of the show, they like entertainment therefore I offer them a lot content:

Giveaways – where they can win gold, cc, weapons – all the players enter into the guerrilla battle in the same moment, having a higher chance to meet each other in direct fight and then showing the result with a printscreen, commenting the result in the chat, or even fighting me live on the stream.

Analyses – each time an event occurs or something interesting for a debate arise. Games like “The Pyramid” where people can win progressive huge prizes or “The Duel” where two lucky players picked randomly from the ones in the stream must win as many Guerrilla fights as possible in 15 minutes. Guerrilla Challenge – a series of guerrilla contest for individuals, military units and even international, everything done with specific rules, referees and scores. Just imagine 15 teams representing 15 military units composed each from 5 players entering in the battles in the same moment, trying to snatch the win and score for their MU. Also, people in the audience are cheering them or hunting the players from the opposite MU. It’s crazy!

The secret recipe: having fun! As long as I make the game fun enough to entertain me and make me feel good, it is enjoyable to my viewers also. In the end, that is the purpose of eRepublik, right?

What are your plans for your following shows?

I want to continue to enjoy myself doing this and together with me, the viewers. I gradually plan to increase the number of people watching me by adding new content, new challenges and new things to do. Finding what my viewers want to see is essential, therefore much of my future content will be dictated by their desires.

I want to continue the guerrilla contests as this attracts the most players. So far, this is a competition they can find exclusively only on Clopoyaur TV.

I want to also attract more people speaking different languages than Romanian as now 80-90% of the people following me are from Romania. “This is happening only on Clopoyaur TV” has become a brand name; there is always something amazing, surprising and unbelievable happening every night, so being spontaneous is also very important. Flocosenia, the mascot of the show is telling me not to reveal more secrets… so you will have to drop by and see what is going on.

Are you planning to go international?

I speak English fluently and whenever I see something written in English in the chat, I switch to English mode in order for everybody to understand me. Still, I plan to go international, but I will do it gradually. I am just starting today a series of Youtube movies “Clopoyaur Guerrilla Strategies” in 7 episodes in English. I will try to have those subtitled in as many languages as possible. In this way I hope more people from “international” will join my channel. Also, in the past I organized a Guerrilla Match between Romania and Hungary that was extremely interesting and was appreciated by both sides (even if enemies in eRepublik).

We also had girls match between “guerrilla cats” from Romania and Republic of Moldova. I plan on involving other nations too in such competitions as they are unique and can be found only on my stream.

How did you manage to put the spotlight on the game on

It was a long road. When you go LIVE on to broadcast something, you must choose the game you are playing. When I started, eRepublik was not in that list and wasn’t added at my first request because the administrators didn’t know the game or considered the viewers would be too few. I took this as a challenge, I have built my viewership, I managed to hit peaks of over 150 viewers simultaneously and gather over 600 followers and 36.000 views over the past 5 months. I had to prove them the contrary and succeeded. I hope more people will join now and have eRepublik streams.

What’s your vision of a perfect eRepublik society?

Nothing is perfect and the perfect eRepublik society doesn’t exist, not even in a game. eRepublik is driven by people. Their feelings about the game are reflected in the actions they take. The perfect society for me would mean a game in which me, as a player, will have to focus exclusively to how to play the game, how to maximize my skills and efficiency not how to avoid the “headless chicken” or wondering when the X thing will work properly. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to play your favorite game in the key moments. This leads to frustration, nerves that are than reflected in the media, in the politics, leading to conflicts, insults and so on. eRepublik society can be perfect by the contribution of each of its citizens, because every citizen adds something to the game. There are no standards; the imperfection of each individual creates the diversity of a great society.

What would you say to a friend if you would want to invite him in eRepublik?

Honestly, I haven’t told this in the last 2 years to anyone because I was kinda disappointed by the

way eRepublik was working. Still, I see some improvements lately and if I really have to do it, I would invite my friend to the game to meet new people, because eRepublik is a fantastic community. I would invite him for the idea of having a second life and being able to be more important for his country than in real life.

What’s your best memory related to the eRepublik world?

It happened 2 years ago when the people from my military unit, FSR, came from all over the

country, some of them driving over 700 km to meet each other in Bucharest. It was the first annual meeting of FSR and I had the chance to meet the faces behind their nicknames and talk like we knew each other forever. That was the best feeling I ever had about the game: uniting different people, from different places, with different views.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Any particular message for the eRepublik Team?

Thank you for granting me the honor to be your guest in this interview. As a player I want the game to run perfectly, without bugs and undisturbed by the “Headless Chicken”. I want to be happy every time I login and log out from the game. I want my Guerrilla fights not to crash when server is loaded, I want my battles to have meaning, I want my friends that just entered division 4th to have a goal, I want answers to my tickets faster and better. I could want many things, but in the end, everything can be resumed to 6 words “Give me the eRepublik I love”. If you still can do that, eRepublik will be a great game.

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