erep11.jpgSpain has been host to two spirited eRepublik get-togethers in the last week.  The first one, which took place in Madrid, was coordinated by Taguaro and included over 20 people.  The gathering was held at a local Spanish restaurant where the group enjoyed beers and friendly conversation about their roles in eRepublik, their political parties, who they admire most and who their foes are in the game, and lastly their favorite historical eRepublik moments.  The second event took place in Northern Spain in a city called Vitoria and was coordinated by Olmo.  Another 20 people met up for lunch at a Chinese restaurant to kick off their weekend discussing eRepublik and getting to know the beautiful city.  What is so amazing about these gatherings is that they really bring together such a great group of smart and passionate people.  We take on personalities in the game – sometimes similar to who we are in everyday life, and at others completely different – and at the end of the day to get together and meet such wonderful people is a testament to how very cool eRepublik citizens are.  Simply put, you guys rock.  It’s what drives our team to make eRepublik a place that you want to work, live and playerep2.jpg.  Muchísimas gracias to the Spanish eRepublikans for sharing your get-togethers with us.  It makes our jobs worth it :).

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