Yesterday we gave to the Citizens that used all their invitations 3 more invitations to send to friends. Also we invited 400 new Citizens from the waiting list to start their lives in Erepublik.

If you are still waiting to get in and don’t have a friend that can send you an invite, pacience we will let you in over the next few days. If you’d like to get in please go to and register for an invitation or ask a friend who has available invites.

We also made a few improvements to the erepublik beta:

Easier to hire
And the good news on hiring new citizens is that we have just made it easier to do so, a manager can now “Propose a job” to another Citizen from the same country right from the Citizen’s profile page (the link is under the profile photo).

New Header
We made some small modifications to the header to make it easier for citizens to check their wellness level and the new Alerts received. Some of you might have seen broken designs on your browser, this is due to the cache – the solution is to refresh the page (F5) and everything will be OK.

We have also made a small change to our adviser Plato, replacing the several daily tasks tips with a single one that takes you to a separate daily tasks page. There you can see tips on the main things you can and should do today to develop your citizen and country. This new format considerably reduces the queries to our database but we are not sure it’s the ideal solution so we will be tweaking that one and feedback is welcome.

Other way to get GOLD
Some presidents such as Aliatar in Spain or Alexis Bonte in France (disclosure: Alexis is one of the co-founders of Erepublik) have decided to put some of their country GOLD reserves in the local money exchange at lower costs that the actual value of gold vs the local currency. They have done this to help local entrepreneurs mainly (tip this is also good for exporters). An interesting initiative none the less and it will be interesting to see what will be the economic impact of that. In any case the initiative seems to have found interest in Spain where the 100 GOLD where taken up within a few minutes

Also erepublik was in the news again, in:
» France on “journal du net”
» Romania on “Business”

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