A little over 200 years ago (201, in fact) an uprising took place in Spain against the French army, marking the start of what is known to the Spanish as the War of Independence. This unique date in real world history was marked this past Saturday, May 2nd.

But, as you know, history is being re-written in eRepublik.

Not too long ago, in the New World of eRepublik, Spain and Italy tried to take over France. While they weren’t completely successful, they did take some regions. After France managed to successfully gain back those regions, they faced the threat of another attack from Canada, which resulted in a huge French baby boom in an effort to defend their territory.

In the midst of what could be considered a rather peaceful period in the New World, there still exists the possibility of battle between the two real world and New World foes of Spain and France, as their eRepublik war remains active. With the declaration of either president, battle could ensue.

Reflecting on such an ongoing rivalry in both worlds, we discovered this funny little parody, made by an eRepublik citizen, of Spain taking over France. While this is not the case in either the real world, or the New World, it is a rather humorous slant on the ongoing politics and future of two very powerful countries.

What do you think?

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