We’ve recently had the chance to interview eArgentina’s top player: fanasimpson. We asked him some personal and in-game related questions to know more about him and the eArgentinian community. Hope you find it interesting!

Why did you join eRepublik?

I joined in the BETA version, using the old referring system. I was invited by some users of a forum (alkum.org) which I used to visit. I read a brief description of the game, and I felt attracted because it was very simple and interesting at the same time, with many opportunities to make progress.

What differences do you find between eRepublik and other online games or social networks and what are, in your opinion, eRepublik’s advantages?

It’s a simple game where different sciences such as politics (the one which appealed to me the most when I joined), economics and, obviously, the military are mixed. All in one. On the Internet there are no other sites that can provide you as many options as eRepublik does and with so pleasant communities that you can spend hours and hours on the national forums of every single country or in their chat rooms, getting to know players from all around the world.

To what extent do you consider the importance of eRepublik in your life? How many hours do you spend per day and how does it personally satisfy you?

It is, indeed, the online game that I gave more time to and the one that gave me more satisfaction in these two years in-game. Behind eRepublik’s daily options (eating, training, working, fighting…) you can find lots of hours in forums, IRC chats, meetings and so on, which make this game a very important point every day I turn on my PC.

Do you make eRepublik compatible with any other entertainment on the Internet?

With none. I’ve played many other online games, but this is the only one that provides a more human contact with every player, where most of the people are very interesting and amusing and make the hours spent in the game very entertaining.

As Argentina’s top1 player, what relevance do you think your country’s community has in eRepublik? And, how did it come up the opportunity to create such a solid group as to organize meetings, giving a new dimension to the game?

We started as a small country, with few inhabitants and very few assets. Currently, this really is on track to be reversed. We have many new citizens (and not-so-new) contributing daily to our country. We have installed different game promotion campaigns across the Internet and we have made a very important interview for a local television program which will air soon surely. We are a community that participates continuously and look for growth, and we are constantly having fun, even with our own language in our forum. There have been many meetings among players to meet personally and enjoy these encounters.

What are all these meetings about? What subjects do you usually deal with in these meetings? How do these meetings help you climb positions in eRepublik?

We’ve managed to set up meetings in different points of the country. Far from Buenos Aires (capital city of Argentina), over 800 km away, we began to celebrate dinner meetings in which the first citizens began to meet each others. Afterwards, they moved to Buenos Aires where, approximately once a month we hold massive meetings in some bars. We have gathered over 30 Argentinians per meeting, with whom we’ve greatly enjoyed having dinner and talking, mostly, about the game.

I have understood that some couples have emerged in real life from these meetings, is that right?

Yes, hehe. We have two couples one of them emerged in the last meeting which took place a month ago. Which couples will be formed at the next meeting? No one knows… hehe.

How have you managed to bring almost 900 people to the game and help them reach level 10?

Above all, sacrifice. I’ve helped over 1300 players and I’ve dedicated my time to send them private messages explaining in details what options this New World has to offer them. I’ve guided them in their very first steps, first within the game and once they have more experience, within the forum. To be honest, I’m glad because I’ve helped many big players who play very important roles in the game and in eArgentina.

With two years of experience in the game you’ve gone from congressman, to battle hero and society builder, what advice can you give to new players who want to achieve your progress so quickly?

Time is what guides you through the paths in eRepublik and helps you to take different positions, opening the doors to achieve your goals. As my main piece of advice, I recommend not rushing to overcome stages, everything comes with time. International relations with other players are, in my opinion, one of the most important points in the game, because they let you become aware of how people on the other end of the planet deal with different situations (I’ve talked to players from countries such as Serbia, Hungary, Russia… with whom I would have never believed I was going to have a word).

Do you know any secret or useful tip for other players in eRepublik?

To make the most of the game, to register in all national forums and participate, that will, for sure, open you the doors to progress in the game. And I assure you will enjoy the game much more.

Thank you fanasimpson. Is there anything else you would like to say?

I would like to greet the entire eArgentinian forum: my buddies, with whom I spend hours chatting and having fun. And also to PHOENIX and EDEN, who make the game more fun every day.

We hope to conduct more interviews in the near future to get to know all our community. So if you want to volunteer for an interview and share your experience, please contact us!

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