A couple of weeks ago, we were talking about our new eAPI community and the useful tools that can be developed with our eAPI. Well, today we are going to introduce  you one of them. For those of you who don’t know eRepublik MaxiHellas yet, it is a site created by one of our citizens, Tall_Niki, using eAPI and which, with less than a month old, has become the reference site for battle statistics in eRepublik.

If you want to know what it offers eRepublik users, continue reading this post…

Fighter Stats: this feature allows you to find both country and citizen statistics  in every battle. It has many options:

– Per Battle: Includes all V2 battles, even RW.

– Per Country: You can see the stats of all the country’s citizens, who have fought at least once, in all V2 battles or per battle.

– Per User: If you look for a specific user you can see the battles in which he/she  participated and his/her stats in them, plus some additional citizen information.

– Per War: Shows the total stats from a war, by citizens or by country.

In addition you can look up the best fighters of V2 (a good way to see which players work harder in the battlefield) and see all the Battle Hero medals given in V2, per battle or per fighter (many of us have wondered who has the biggest number of BH medals).

Battle Stats: info about all V2 battles or the biggest 50 battles.

Friends/Armies Stats: a very interesting feature that allows you to create your own custom list, with the users that you want, and see their battle stats! Ideal for country armies, private armies, friends or even enemies!

And many other tools such as a Search feature to find data (article, comments…) in all eRepublik’s sites (eRepublik.com, Wiki, Blog, Forum…).

We really recommend you to visit this site and explore all the features by yourself because it is in constant development.

We also had the chance to have a brief interview with Tall_Niki:

What made you create this site?

I am big fan of stats. I believe that stats can give new perspectives to any game and make it more interesting for the users because stats always contain a lot of interesting data.

I am posting stats to my newspaper a lot of months, and I decided to make this site because I wanted to give to eRepublik community a new useful tool.

Do you plan on adding more tools/statistics or will you stick only to battle statistics?

I am planing to add a lot of new tools/statistics. In the future it will be a website that users could found almost anything about this game. I will start to develop the new tools after the end of the development of the battle stats section. Now, the battle stats section contains only the 25% of the pages that I am having in my mind. You will see new interesting updates very soon. This Saturday, I will upload a new and very useful tool for battle stats that users will love it.

How do you see the use of eAPI currently?

I think that users day by day are using eRepublik API more often. Everyone is realizing that the use of the API is sometimes mandatory for the development of companies, countries etc. 7 months ago, I created some tools that helped a lot the development of eGreece. So, I believe that the use of API will be increased the next months.

Where do you see the eAPI in the near future?

I see that there is a big will from eRepublik developers to improve the eAPI. So, I am expecting a better and with more info eAPI the next months, that will help developers to make a lot of new useful tools.

Is it worthwhile for a citizen to create one of these sites based on the eAPI?

I made this sitebecause I wanted to give a useful tool to eRepublik community and I am very glad that users are appreciating my work. Any profit is welcome, but it isn’t my main target. My main target is to give a very useful tool to eRepublik community and I think that I’ve made a good work on this until now.

Surely you’ve made it, thanks Tall_Niki for your time! And to the rest of you: we hope you enjoy this site.

Do you own an interesting eRepublik application? Contact us and let us know!

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