Dear eRepublik citizens,

we are in search of the most original eRepublik Fan Video. We would like to see eRepublik through your eyes, so please share your vision of eRepublik with us by posting links to your videos of eRepublik here. The best and most original video will be included in the next eRepublik viral campaign and its creator will be promoted throughout the entire eRepublik Community with your referral link.

Now, remember a few small rules you should abide by when making the video:

– It must be in English/ subtitled in English;
– It must not contain violence, profanity, sex or direct attacks on individuals or organizations;
– It must be your own original creation – no copyrighted music, video, or images (except images from eRepublik) may be used and it may not infringe any third parties rights;

The most original video will be chosen by the eRepublik team on the 14th of March 2011 and will be announced here, on our forum, as well as on our Facebook Fan page on the same day. We are looking forward to seeing your videos!

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