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Atracurium from eChina got elected as a president for the 25th time last week. That’s over 2 real life years of service! We were lucky to get an interview from this busy man!

Atracurium just started his 25th term as the president of eChina

Atracurium just started his 25th term as the president of eChina


Good afternoon, Mr. President! o7

Let’s start with an easy one: How did you join eRepublik?

eRepublik didn’t caught my eye the first time (the banner wasn’t very fancy to start with). I’m a mmorpg player, not a browser game lover. Why I played this game was just because it suits a working adult, something where you don’t need to spend hours just to up one level. I joined the game, got my colleagues to play with me… but we were banned (pooled resources is a sin!).

After that, I stopped playing but there is this person from this game who kept messaging me every day to start playing this game again and the whole process lasted for 3 months before I gave up and agreed.

Most of the players will never end up being a president or even have a position in governments. Could you describe the main duties and responsibilities of a president?

I assume the duties are all the same everywhere?

Item 1: Population Census

Daily newborn citizens (and reporting suspicious accounts), who had leveled up to the next division and who had come back alive. 95% of those mentioned will get a PM from me. There are people who do not read newspapers so the only available option is to send them a PM.

Item 2: Economy

- Monitoring daily income revenue, tax rates, all product prices, gold rates, and average salaries for China and other countries. If needed, a tax change proposal will be made.

- Monitoring national organizations and treasury of other countries. All spending habits and its rates tells us a lot about the country.

- Monitoring our monthly expenses. All expenses are recorded and monitored. Normally I am expected to churn out a budget and expenses report monthly but I am ashamed to say I have not been doing it despite having all the data on hand. Daily monitoring of newborn citizens just takes up too much time.

- Bimonthly or monthly issuance of a) economic report, b) monthly budget report and c) expenses report.

Item 3: Education

We do a monthly newbie mission, so it involves monitor the status of newbies doing the mission, and at the end of the day issuance of report coupled with invoice on spending. Other things include, doing posters and if possible revamp of newbie guide.

I am also in mentoring program, so at times I click to see who is online and chat with the newbies.. who seldom answer.

Item 4: Military and Foreign Affairs

Daily military deployment and issuing of missions, and giving out subsidies one by one to those who participate (I have 3 helpers who helped me too in this area, Flashmansai and Hizc for issuing military orders and Auntie hihi for giving out subsidies).

Foreign Affairs are left mostly to my MoFA turturica.


Time is money also in eRepublik!

Time is money also in eRepublik!

Apart from getting elected as a president 25 times, what do you consider being your #1 achievement in the game?

Buying 1000 Q7 tanks at 10 cents each off marketplace.

Do you have anything to say to the community of eRepublik?

No man is an island, I thank those who have helped me before. Looking at computer screen excessively can spoil your eyes, do take time off the screen and rest your eyes once in a while.

Thanks for the interview! :)

A totally irrelevant Chinese building

A totally irrelevant Chinese building


We also asked some citizens of eRepublik for comments regarding Atracurium and his amazing achievement. Here’s what they said!


juzheng, China:

One person, one country, twenty five foot prints. One extreme way, two years time and tide, faces pass. you might not know his story, but you did hear his name, in this eworld, he is a legend, he is Atracurium.

DevaJr, Indonesia:

25th? wow (O.O!!) one month is enough for me :| Atra is a great person, he know how to make friends or foes, follow his rules without violence. Almost of my interaction with atra are in diplomacy, playing safe or dirty isnt enough to face atra :D

TT ligther, Serbia:

Just the fact that Atra was so many times elected for CP says much about him personally but also about eChinesse community. We have a saying in Serbia literally translated as “measure three time, cut once” and that is how I would describe him. A very experienced and patient politician.

turturica, China & Romania:

Twenty five terms. :)  I have no idea from where he finds  the patience and energy for this. What I do know is that, once you know him, you will find a kind person and a loyal friend.

Tenshou, Argentina:

Well, first thing that come up to my mind when i think about Atra is that he is absolutely crazy xD Usually when you are CP you think “I don’t want to be CP anymore” because of all the work you have (hundreds of PMs, meetings everyday, etc) and time you need to do a decent job, and this guy keeps being there every month, no matter what, that’s incredible! I can only say good luck and congratz for this huge achievement!

elbandido, Romania:

Atracurium is a very calculated person from all points of view. You will not receive negative responses from him, knows how to choose his words. He resisted and he will resist in this community long enough because he knows how to choose his friends to help him in the game, managing to split time between the game and real life. 25th CP medal? …WoW …You are like an ‘Gandalf’ for me. I salute you my friend.

Dihenekis, Greece:

What can someone say about atra? Just a look in his profile page is more than enough. You have to be more than “a good guy” or “a capable character” to be elected as CP for 25 times. Even more if you have to be eChina’s CP. He is not the chatterer kind of man, few words are enough for him to explain you everything. I am in China about the half of my e-age for Spartans MU favor, for bonus matters but atra has managed to be a better reason for me to stay in China. Somehow everyone knows that this guy from Singapore is the soul of eChina. Either friends or opponents admits that: eChina is Atracurium and Atracurium is eChina.

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