The community is what makes eRepublik special. Unfortunately, even if you’re an active player, you will only get to know a small part of the amazing citizens of the New World. Today we are bringing one of those players to the spotlight: Rhual from Hungary, currently playing for eMalaysia!


Hello, Rhual! Could you tell us something about yourself? Who are you and what do you do in real life?

If I would reveal who I am, I’d need to kill you. Pew-pew. I’m a colleague of Romper, more or less, if I consider the vocational qualification. I’m a geologist, graduated from the university last summer. I do sports actively, I keep lifting up the beer jars regularly and I’m on the edge in the sleeping for a long time.


What do you consider being your biggest achievements in eRepublik?

This interview? Nah, I will not praise you so much! :P I do not know, the game is complex enough, you can attain outstanding performances at many areas which are acknowledged by the community. I tried to take part in everything. I’m proud of many things, I regret nothing. It’s hard to emphasize 1 thing from so many good ones. But maybe the friendly contacts which I built up in the course of these years.


You started the game a long time ago and you’ve obviously seen a lot. Tell us one highlight moment or event from these years.

From the 615168873 billion events? Okay sir. The most epic laugh we had when Spain lost 16k gold by selling a company for 35 gold; but the company buyer just collected 14k golds instead of using the monetary market, so France got half of it. (Notes: Spain was one of the richest countries in that time; the company located in France; France had one of the biggest income tax back then.)


You started an interesting citizenship project. Could you tell us what is it about and how it’s going?

I wandered over the eWorld to collect all the possible citizenships. How it came? I started it controlled by the immeasurable boredom. When the True Patriot medal and it’s damage history came into the game, I believed the time is here to achieve something like nobody before. I think dSokre and I were the first who started it, but more people joined since then. My journey began almost 2 years ago and only 1 citizenship is missing from my collection (North Korea). Plato could grant it and create a new title for me, should I write a ticket? :P


In August 2011 you attended the 1st international meeting in Budapest. Tell us about it: how did you end up there, and how was it?

The best thing that happened in this game!!! As a Budapest resident, I couldn’t omi it! Facing those who I talked a lot ingame or seen their ingame activity, meeting with known players – friend or enemy –  was a huge experience. I still keep the contact with some of them. I talked to vingaer and StrozeR about it yesterday. I promised to quote vingaer: “You were the sweetest person in there <3″

The picture below proves the harmony!

Rhual carrying StrozeR from Poland

Rhual carrying StrozeR from Poland



You just got elected as a president of Malaysia. In total you now have 5 president medals. Is there any difference between leading a small country like Malaysia, compared to a big one like Hungary?

Well, is there any difference between bringing up and feeding a giant shnauzer compared to a stick locust? :P Of course there is. A country like Hungary has more citizens, stronger army, has income, battles, usually member of an alliance with influence, active in party politics, active in media, citizens with different requirements, should I continue? A smaller country like Malaysia is the full contrast. The smaller community is always afraid of a potential PTO and because they are oppressed generally, they are much solidary, more organized and reticent, friendlier but careful. I like the Malaysian citizens, we can work together well and I try to help them as much as I can.


You also have experience in leading alliances. How do you see the current alliance situation in eRepublik?

I acknowledge that the alliances we created (ONE and TWO) were boring. But the most successful ever. We occupied everything which was possible. Nowadays there are exciting wars and battles, everyone flies in all directions, following it is not easy. :P On the other hand, my federal carrier turned around SerHun-Spoland, so that is why I already withdrew by today as federal politician. It does not mean I’m not around. :P


Finally, do you have anything to say to the community of eRepublik?

If a “wine-and-soda” made from 1 dl wine and 1 dl soda, how many “wine-and-soda”s made from how much wine and how much soda? *Hukk*


Thanks for the interview!

The honour is mine!

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