This article is a summary of the 2013 eRepublik Summit, but we couldn’t start without noting the International Meeting held last weekend. Just like astronauts find it hard to get used with the Earth’s gravitation after a long voyage in space, we needed some time to accommodate with the thought of being back home after Greece. That’s how awesome the meeting in Thessaloniki was! The Greek hosts have our warmest thanks for organizing the event and setting a new benchmark of awesomeness for eRepublik meetings. Thessaloniki was a really good venue to meet and socialize with a lot of eRepublik players, while enjoying good food, good drinks and good parties.

Those who couldn’t be in Thessaloniki last weekend also missed the 2013 Official eRepublik Summit. Therefore we will proceed and describe the topics discussed.

The Summit started with a presentation of our development plans for the rest of this year. First on the list is a New User Experience. If you tried to invite people in this game, you certainly noticed that very few of them remain active after one week, and almost none after one month. From thousands of players brought in the game by recent baby-booms, only dozens are still playing. Even if the existing players are trying to interact with the new ones and get them involved, a lot quit so fast that they never get the chance to really discover the best part of eRepublik: the community.

Therefore, the whole starting experience in general and the work and train routine in particular will be changed to be more intuitive and involving. The new players will be motivated to return more often to collect rewards, instead of just clicking once a day on work and train. Also, a lot of new players exit eRepublik without clicking one single button, discouraged by the complicated and outdated interface. As a result the future eRepublik homepage will have a design worthy of a game from 2013.

The second project presented was the New Battle Page, which will use the exact same game mechanics, but will be redesigned to be more intuitive, more visual and more functional.

Each tank or soldier on the battlefield will represent one actual player who is fighting at that precise moment in that precise battle. The troops will advance to the right or get pushed back to the left depending on the amount of damage done by each side.

A New Forum is also something you can expect in the next few months, which will be accessed using your citizen account (so no additional authentication will be required). Some players suggested that the global forum should also contain sub-forums dedicated to each country, while others believe that national forums are something that is best managed by the national communities themselves, as they currently are. From our perspective the second option is the best, since many national forums already exist, are working well and contain too much content to be moved somewhere else. Also, each community would have the power to manage their forum and users in the way they like. This doesn’t mean we couldn’t work to implement an eRepublik authentication on these external forums as well, it is something to be considered in the future.

After presenting our current projects, we asked the attendants to provide feedback on the Future Plans. The most discussed topic was the Military Unit Changes, where the players suggested that the most important features are: dedicated storage, dedicated companies, captains elected directly by the commander, automatic sending of supplies, the option of closing the MU for new members.

“Fix Economy” was another discussed topic. Some good suggestions came along, but the bottom line is that is hard to give big profits to company owners and good salaries to new players so they can survive in the game. A satisfactory middle line will have to be found.

Because the previous two topics were intensely debated, no time was left to talk about the future of the events and the Bazooka. The conversation did continue however after the Summit as everyone gathered for the closing party of the eRepublik Meeting.

The full presentation can be accessed here.

For a glimpse at the life around the summit, take a look at the pictures posted by St.Stefanos.

The eRepublik Summit was a good opportunity to test our plans with the community and to gather feedback for the future plans. We would like to send our thanks to the attendants, and again very big thanks to the Greek organizers of the International Meeting. We hope to see everyone again at the next meeting, that announces itself to be just as great: the location will be no other than Istanbul, the city placed on two continents.

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