by Linda, aka Betamjau

Note: This guest post was written by a player from Sweden and describes her feelings at a recent eRepublik meeting. All the names used in this blog post are the names of citizens from the New World (example: Grev Per is the ex-President of eDenmark and is, usually, one of the attendees at the meetings). Also, the positions in brackets are the ones they exert in eRepublik and involve certain responsibilities (for example: the “Mentor Sweden” is the one who created and manages the eSwedish Mentorship Program – a program which helps new citizens find their way in the New World).

The time had come to have another real life meeting for some of the eRepublik citizens in eSweden. Those in attendance were Algaroth (President), Misho (Minister of Defense), Gurkvatten (entrepreneur), Lurviantor (elite soldier), micke_e (Vice Minister of Finance), Jbmalin (Mentor Sweden), Kalle Holm (Acting Minister of Finance), Bahamot (entrepreneur), Carradine (ex-President), Bic deWille (elite soldier) and me, Betamjau (Vice President and ePolice Officer).

We decided to gather at an Asian restaurant for a wonderful buffet, and of course there was beer and wine to drink. Some of us had met before and it was equally fun to meet again. Even though we may all sit and chat online all day about eRepublik, and sometimes about our personal lives too, many hours passed during this get together just sitting and talking. It was great to meet those citizens which we had not met before as we had all naturally developed an image of what a person was really like behind their eRepublik character. At first it was a little rigid, but after a while it went well. We tried to move around so we could talk to everyone, covering eRepublik topics as well as other things. It would have been fun if someone were from another party so we could have had a little political debate. Fortunately, the attendees were part of the defense of eSweden, so we did not talk like politicians the entire time. We agreed to clean our Q5 weapons for the battles which will come in the New World.

Algaroth did not want to reveal his plans in eSverige, but was more interested to lift his beer and to try to keep us on the short leash, even in real life. I talked a little with him later with regard to the situation in the New World and the only thing Algaroth said was that he “had a plan” and he would just have to wait awhile so that he could implement it. It should be exciting, I think.

We sat and joked about the ePassport that had come out and how it would have been funny if there were different stamps that could be stamped in our passports when we travel to different countries. At one point, I contemplated the idea of how funny it is that a game has been able to gather all of us in real life. There is no other game like eRepublik because it really requires that you communicate with one another so that you and your country may advance. It also requires that the defense create strategies regarding arms and war in order to be triumphant. Therefore, I believe these meetings add something important socially because we can understand each other better. There will also be a better cohesion.

Later, after dinner and various drinks, we went on to a pub (Bishop Arms) to drink more and more. By then Bic deWille and Kalle Holm had chosen to depart, but it did not prevent us from partying on. Later in the evening, Algaroth, Misho and I (Betamjau) went out to get some fresh air, at which point Algaroth called Grev Per (Danish ex-president) telling him to come back. Misho and I were honored to talk to Grev Per but we talked only about meeting each other. There were lots of beers and we had fun taking pictures throughout the evening.

Thanks to all the attendees of such a wonderful evening.

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