The process of translating eRepublik into Spanish is nearly complete. The release of the Spanish version will take place on June 3rd, and it will only be the first step in providing eRepublik in multiple languages.

As any first step, this was the hardest one to make. Lots of technical modifications were done in order to create a “backbone” that will support all the future translations of eRepublik. We are very enthusiastic about reaching the end of this process.

Our translation team was helped by several Spanish citizens, so we would like to send special thanks to Allyena, Zhuge Liang, and Sabi2 for their support in translating eRepublik. This was no easy task, as there are thousands of unique text lines in eRepublik. Only reading them could take hours!

The next set of languages that will become available in eRepublik has not yet been established, but could contain French, Portuguese, German, and Russian. What is certain is that the Spanish version will bring more of the 330 million people who are native Spanish speakers into the New World. This will especially aid in boosting the population of South America, as on June 10th, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay will join eRepublik.

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