The Second National Shield Tournament ended earlier today, after a week of intense fighting from all the 70 countries of the New World. Only three are the winners and we have the honour of presenting them below:



1st place – Paraguay – 11.5 billion damage – 1,045%

2nd place – Malaysia – 3.2 billion damage – 1,001%

3rd place – Mexico – 27.3 billion damage – 916%

They must be the happiest places in eRepublik right now, as Paraguay got a 7 days productivity bonus of 60% that applies to all the company types. Malaysia received a 40% bonus and a 20% bonus was awarded to Mexico. This is especially good news for Malaysia, who currently owns no regions and therefore has no other productivity bonus. Apart from this, the first two winners gathered 3,050 Gold from milestone rewards, while Mexico raked in 2,350 Gold.

At the other end of the tournament ranking, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan along with Czech Republic are trailing with less than 200% achieved of their National Goal. This is especially surprising for Pakistan, who is now second from the bottom after winning the silver medal in the first edition of the National Shield Tournament.

In terms of raw damage, nobody was surprised to see Serbia on the first spot, with more than 200 billion damage done. This makes no difference in terms of tournament prizes, but we would like to take this opportunity and note the dedication that the Serbian army has shown once again.

The eRepublik team would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the participants! Until the next tournament, we are back to the Weekly Challenges, including the +10 Energy Recovery reward that many of you missed during the past days!

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