Valencia pictureThis week-end I’ll be in Valencia and it will be a great opportunity to meet the Erepublikans (erepublikan = erepublik fan) from Spain. We have people joining this meeting from several Spanish cities like Alicante, Barcelona, Castellón, Madrid and Murcia.

Ally helped me a lot and organized this event so here is the schedule for Saturday, 27th of September:

– during the afternoon we’ll be at a “horchateria” (have no clue what is this thing, but I’ve heard it involves ice-cream and beer). Looks like they also have “horchata” there, which is a traditional drink in Valencia. This place is located in Alboraya, a village near the city, on the Avenida de la Horchata (my Spanish skills are getting better and better);

– for dinner we’ll be at a Japaneses restaurant called Osaka, which is close to the city center, near a university campus (the Blasco Ibañez campus of the Universitat de Valencia).

More than twenty participants are expected to join us this Saturday and I’m sure we will have a great time together. I’ll be back with a complete coverage of the events next week. See you guys there!

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