Hear ye, hear ye!

The challenge is about to begin! The New World will be in flames sooner than you expect. We present you the Battle of the Alliances! For one week you will be able to give your best damage to your alliance and make it count in a global contest.

The country presidents will enroll your country in the competition by following the instructions specified in the private message they received. After we finalize the lists, a ranking with the total generated damage will be displayed (updated once per day) in game and it will present the status of your alliance in the competition based on the dealt damage.

Each country president received a private message where he was asked to specify the alliance of his country. The CPs will have time until 1739 at 00:00 eRep to enrol their country in the challenge.

If a CP did not specify the alliance of his country by the time the poll ends, that country will not be part of the challenge.

After the poll ends the lists of the alliances will be published on the blog, and you will have to start preparing the troops. The dawn of war will set foot in eRepublik on 1742 00:00 eRep and will end 1749 00:00 eRep.

More details on how the damage will be counted and the rewards of the contest will be published on our blog on day 1739, along with the lists of the participant countries and their alliances.

Good luck!

eRepublik Team

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