The past week was really intense in eRepublik. Tens of countries fought and competed for winning five Gold Mines worth 100 000 Gold each. The contest was very disputed, not only in terms of raw damage, but in a tactical way as well. We won’t make use of big words to describe the billions and billions of damage points dealt, because this contest might be just the tip of the iceberg.

Now that the Gold Mines are placed on the map, even more intense battles started for the five Gold-rich regions in the New World. The venerable dinosaurs (i.e. very old eRepublik players) here at the eRepublik HQ are anticipating this week thinking of the battles that defined the term “epic battle”: WSR (West Siberian Region), Podolia, LionKing (Liaoning), and all the others. But before expanding on this subject, let’s see the five winners and the five locations of the mines.



Capital City, Region




Belgrade, Belgrade




Washington DC, District of Columbia




Ankara, Central Anatolia




Canberra, New South Wales



South Africa

Cape Town, Western Cape



Here the contest was the most disputed, yet Serbia came out clear winners. The other countries did so well that we want to publish the damage rankings as a recognition of their efforts:




















Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)








As you can see, nine countries dealt more than ten billion damage each. Congratulations to Poland, which was neck to neck with Serbia for most of the contest, and to the other countries for making the race so disputed.

As for Serbia, not only they won a mine in Belgrade, but were close to securing a second Gold Mine by conquering Ankara. However their ally, Poland, launched a surprise Airstrike on Ankara one day before the contest was over. The Turkish defense was fierce, yet the Polish won by a great margin.


As it was expected, the USA dealt more damage than Argentina, Chile or Brazil and comfortably won the American Gold Mine.

However things were expected to get less comfortable for them. Poland was rumored to make a move and attempt a conquest of Washington D.C. Poland’s ally, Spain, had conquered much of the Eastern Canada and was just north of Washington. Sunday, Poland’s attack on Turkey certainly made the United States breath in relief.

Given all the hostility, the USA were planning to respond in a superb way: by attacking first with an Airstrike over Europe. Now it remains to be seen whether they will use the Airstrike or keep it for darker days.

Meanwhile in Latin America, Chile and Argentina are still in a tight clash, but Chile conquered Canberra and will receive Australia’s Gold Mine. Unless Argentina has something to say about it.

The other big power of the region, Brazil, now controls the Gold Mine in Cape Town, South Africa.


China was billed as the strong favorite here, but Turkey pulled a surprise. Of course, this served them very little since their capital fell to Poland. It would take an even bigger surprise for Turkey to liberate their Gold Mine.

Indonesia, once a huge power, is in the fortunate vicinity of two possible mine sites: Australia and South Africa. However the Australian capital is under the occupation of an ally of Indonesia, and the South African capital is occupied by a stronger country. It’s therefore unlikely that Indonesia will attempt to attack any of the two mines.

Oceania and Africa

There were only two contestants in each of these continents, and neither of them are in a position to defend their mines. As said earlier, Canberra fell to Chile. The more interesting situation is in Africa, where drama hit in the last second.

Egypt was in the winning position for the entire contest. Meanwhile Greece and Bulgaria fought with all their strength for the control of Cairo. The amount of damage dealt in their battles was enormous, and it all peaked late Sunday night/Monday morning. It was the decisive moment for whom will control the Gold Mine in Cairo.

At the last moment, South Africa topped the contest rankings and won the mine. In effect, Brazil got the mine, since they control Cape Town. Rumors say that they are also responsible for South Africa’s win in the last moment. Either way, the war between Greece and Bulgaria proved to be for nothing, while Brazil got the big prize with only a fraction of the effort. This turn of events ended the contest in a really spectacular way.

As a conclusion

Given all the data in the equation, the week ahead will certainly be an entertaining one. For once, EDEN is a prominent alliance who had good chances of winning two mines through Turkey and Greece, yet are left with nothing. It remains to be seen whether they will resign the fight or rise even stronger. Also, if the big countries decide to fight over the mines, smaller countries have a good chance to start some resistance wars and liberate their territories. Only the future can reveal what the top military commanders of the New World have in their plans.

Regardless of the side you fought or whether you won or not, eRepublik wants to thank all the participants in this contest and wish them good luck ahead. Your feedback was very helpful in organizing it, so please use the comments below to express your thoughts, now that the contest is over.

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