After hundreds of national meetings in so many countries around the world, during the last three years, some eRepublik players decided to take it up a notch and go international.

Between the 19th and 21st of August, more than one hundred players from various countries will gather in Budapest, the Hungarian capital, in order to honor the event with their presence.

The local hosts proposed a program intended to suit any requests and demands that might come from the attendees. Nothing is compulsory; the players can choose a program of their own. Still, the pub meeting on the 19th is a must!

The eRepublik citizens all over the world are aiming again to match the nick with the real face, and how can this be better succeeded if not in a real life situation. Even though players are opponents in the game, they can become friends by sitting together at the same table, enjoying each other’s company with a pint of beer in their right hand. The meeting is intended to unite the national communities and to reach a global, more wholesome eRepublik community.

AThompson, former president of eHungary and one of the organizers, considers the meeting an unique opportunity to get to know such a great number of eRepublik players from all around the world.

On the other hand, avec, former Supreme Commander of EDEN, will also be in Budapest. He is using this occasion not only to meet hundreds of eRepublik players but also to visit the Hungarian capital.

Futhermore, if you want to meet in person a lot of influential players like: Alex Craciun (the guy who started the first eRepublik World War), Crista22 (the eternal Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs), Strozer (one of the ONE’s founders), cerber (former Polish President), vingaer (also an important member in EDEN and then ONE), Bogdan Adamutz, Blackpanther76 (two of the strongest warriors in eRepublik) and many others.

Finally, Plato will be there too. Well, not exactly in person, as he is not that young anymore, he sends the_mihai (former Romanian President) to represent the eRepublik team.

For more details about the meeting, accommodation or the program, you can contact in eRepublik one of the organizers: srnica or sekica18 on behalf of Serbia, alpho on behalf of Romania, Kita Skowronski or AThompson on behalf of Hungary and Wieloryb or Manedhel on behalf of Poland. Also, you can visit the event page hosted on Facebook or the article published in eRepublik.

See you there everyone!

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