by Mircea Vasilescu aka MOBBY

The first questions that pop in one’s mind are: “What are these meetings all about?”, “What do you do at such meetings besides drinking, eating and laughing?”, “Can any user come?” and so on. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to such questions; if you ask five participants this, you might receive five different types of answers.

The meetings should be treated always like first dates – every time one should be careful about what he/she says, every time the atmosphere is different, and most of the time there are new people with new habits, new jokes, willing or unwilling to try something new.

Maybe the most awaited moments are those when all the players give the admins a hard time – that is, when most of the players have something to complain to them about or want to find out if and when their ideas will be implemented. Other people can’t wait to see good friends again that they first met a long time ago at such events. A steady and dedicated community is starting to form and grow, not because of the game itself, but because all participants have something they like and something that they can always relate to. Some might want to quit the game, but cannot do it because they will certainly miss the meetings and the interaction they provide.

The meetings are a good opportunity to share or discuss political or military strategies, to develop new virtual and real-life business relationships, debate new ideas or just interact face to face with your employer or employee, with your military commander, minister, congressman or president.
Wishes can also come true here… usually the admins bring and offer as gifts all kinds of things related to the game: T-shirts, passports, fliers, etc.

Some meetings are noisy, some are quiet, some are shorter, some are 12-13 hours long; in a few words: There is no recipe for such events. Any new player that joins the virtual community should first start to interact within the game, make certain relationships online, and then solidify them at these meetings.

For everyone involved, the first meeting should be a test; each of us first needs to get to know the people behind the virtual citizens, if their real life type of reactions and interactions are the same as in the game, how they think and how they “live” their virtual life. Everyone must know that everyone is welcomed, regardless of nationality, political or military views, even if they are beginners or advanced players.
The record that needs to be reached or overtaken by the end of 2009 is 100 users at the meetings in Bucharest; which is possible only with everyone’s involvement. There are lots of things to be said, stories to tell and pictures to be seen, but the most accurate ones are those experienced at least one time in your e-life!

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