Every once in a while the New World is shaken by a global, worldwide war. Every war is important, but very few are able to change destinies and the shape of the world.

One of the major alliances in eRepublik, PEACE, decided to start a massive offensive yesterday to hunt down former members of Atlantis (a dying alliance which is falling apart). For now, Canada has been attacked, but rumors around the world speak of the wiping-out of the USA and Spain as an ultimate goal. Atlantis may be ripping apart into several smaller alliances, but the old friendships remain the same. In the battle for Nova Scotia we have the attackers France, Italy, Portugal, Indonesia, Iran, Hungary, Argentina and Turkey. Defending the lands of Canada there are Sweden, Norway, Spain, USA, Malaysia, Romania, Germany, United Kingdom and Poland. As you can see, countries from all continents are involved – this is a true world war.

The battle for Nova Scotia started with PEACE countries hitting hard, so that after just a few hours the defending troops found themselves pushed way back. Given the impressive march of the attackers against nine countries, it looked like everything was lost for the defenders, but no! Slowly but surely the defending countries recovered lost ground and after a heroic conquer of “No Man’s Land” they swept away PEACE armies. But the balance soon started oscillating back and forth, with nine hours to go it was clear that this battle would be decided in the last minute. You’ll want to have your eyes on eRepublik starting at 10.00 (eRepublik time), day 602, to see the final efforts put in this epic battle!

This battle might be the beginning of a long war which, once again, will reshape the New World.


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