by Mircea Vasilescu, aka MOBBY

It stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Social Strategy Game. Searching the Internet and with a little bit of luck one might find a definition that looks like this: “Massively multiplayer online social strategy games focus on socialization instead of objective-based gameplay, emphasizing interaction, world-building and an in-world virtual economy that depends on the sale and purchase of user-created goods. There is a great deal of overlap in terminology with “online communities” and “virtual worlds.”

But what kind of inert, short and un-personal definition is this? eRepublik is becoming the benchmark of Social Strategy Games. All interactions between players are made through hundreds of affiliated sites, chat rooms, forums, podcasts, and this interaction is starting to breach the virtual environment. Strong relationships are created or broken like the switch of a light. New friends are made and new perspectives pop each day because people want more!

Friends lose their jobs (…it happens…) and we need to be there for them, helping them as much as we can; others just got their first job and we are here to share their excitement. Others will soon have babies so of course we all wait to at least see some pictures or videos! People get sad and then happy again, they want more knowledge, new experiences, recognition, feedback and everything that comes along with this game.

The community meetings provide an opportunity to do all of this. Seeing your e-country president or employer face to face allows you to better understand the game, and meeting your army comrades in an environment other than virtual gives you the opportunity to debate and finalize strategies. The economic issues are very important in this virtual world (we all buy, sell or donate items, make economic or financial speculation), so anyone who participates might have something to say about this. The community is growing day by day, so the meetings should also be held more often, allover the world. While these meetings may have originally started in Bucharest, Romania, we are all eager to see pictures taken at meetings in Brazil, the USA, Indonesia, China, Australia, and anywhere else they may be held.

eRepublik, as the first MMOSSG, has become a hobby for many of the players, so its virtual and real-life interaction is what allows its players to present their objectives, their accomplishments or strategies. This hobby is the battleground, competition amphitheater, chat room or any other kind of environment the players want it to be.

This is the definition I would like to hear!

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